With years of experience in the industry, Ridecell offers a production-ready solution—enabling you to quickly launch a full-featured ridesharing service with minimal up-front costs. The intelligent Ridecell infrastructure automates every aspect of managing a service business. Our end-to-end solution covers rider onboarding, checking IDs, dynamic pricing, driver-rider matching, ride scheduling, payment processing, demand-supply balancing, personalized settings, and even referral programs and promotions. In fact, auto OEMs today are already using Ridecell to power their ridesharing services.

With Ridecell, you'll be set to satisfy customers and achieve operational efficiencies right out of the gate. And because the Ridecell platform is also scalable, you can easily expand your offerings as your business matures.
Automated Ride Requests
Ridecell provides a mobile app, a website, and an automated hotline—making it easy to serve all your riders, no matter how they prefer to request a ride.
Automated Dispatch
The Ridecell platform handles all ride requests automatically, saving dispatcher headaches and saving you money.
Intelligent Routing
Your riders will experience 50% shorter wait times, as requests are assigned to the optimal driver based on location, current heading, capacity, and customizable best-match logic.
Real Time Tracking
Exact location information tells your riders where their vehicle is and when it will arrive, so there are no surprises for you or for your customers.
Powerful Analytics
Real-time analytics provide valuable insights that can help you address customer needs, operate more efficiently, and build a profitable service business.
Payment Handling
The Ridecell platform processes all manner of rider payments, including charges for damage or other events, while smart algorithms set pricing dynamically to accommodate shifts in demand.
How it Works
Step 1: Rider makes a request
Step 2: Ridecell finds the most optimum driver
Step 3: Driver is routed efficiently along the best possible itinerary
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Download Ridesharing PDF
Download Ridesharing PDF