Maximize customer convenience. Modernize operations.

Simplify and enhance your rental business.

The Ridecell Fleet Transformation Cloud works with your existing systems to make managing your rental business easier and more productive. We bring the technology to optimize your vehicle lifecycle and power your counterless rental offerings.

Fleet Visibility

Fleet visibility

Combine fleet, internal and vendor systems to generate actionable insights.

Automate your workflows

Orchestrated operations

Turn vehicle and rental data into orchestrated workflow automation.

Flexible alternatives to traditional leases

Rental transformation

Bring your rental experience into the digital age.

Automate your operations.

Keep your fleet roadworthy with fully automated operations. Automatically decipher alerts and vehicle fault codes, schedule repair and maintenance, and dispatch service crews. Automate vehicle on-boarding and off-boarding to maximize ROI. And boost fleet safety and security with keyless vehicle control that lets you resolve customer lockouts remotely, grant and revoke vehicle access, and if necessary, immobilize stolen vehicles.

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Go counterless

Free up employees, eliminate long counter lines, and offer after-hours rentals with a customizable app for self-service checkouts and returns. Make lost keys a thing of the past by replacing vehicle key fobs with an app or a hotel-style keycard. Automate driver verification, background checks, credit checks, and payment processing. And with self-service returns, automatically capture vehicle fuel level, odometer reading, and location to generate pricing adjustments and invoices on the spot.

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Ridecell Rental Digitize the Rental Process

Helpful resources

Learn more about how Ridecell Rental, built on the Fleet Transformation Cloud, can help you optimize and manage your rental fleet and expand your offering.

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New Age Fleets: Digitization and Optimization of Rental Fleets

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Video: Automate Fleet Maintenance and Repair Scheduling

Automate Fleet Maintenance and Repair Scheduling


With solutions built on the Ridecell Fleet Transformation Cloud, insights become actions that help resolve vehicle issues immediately and automatically.

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Digital Keyless Vehicle Access and its Fleet Applications

Digital Keyless Vehicle Access and its Fleet Applications

White Paper

With the help of fleet automation combined with keyless vehicle access, monetizing and securing your fleet becomes automated—and much easier.


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