It’s time to get your data moving

Fleet Transformation Cloud

For businesses that rely on fleets, the Ridecell Fleet Transformation Cloud™ boosts productivity, enhances sustainability, streamlines operations, and leverages valuable insights from big data.

Automate your fleet optimization.

You’ve invested millions in fleet management systems that generate insights about your fleet. With more systems comes more insights that lead to more actions to manage. The Ridecell Fleet Transformation Cloud learns your fleet systems and turns manual tasks into automated workflows that resolve issues, rather than merely report them.


  • Take vehicles in and out of service easily and quickly
  • Issue digital keys to drivers and staff to ensure that only authorized personnel have access
  • Control vehicle use with remote immobilization to prevent vehicle restarts
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Make your fleet work smarter, not harder.

Learn how Ridecell can help digitally transform your fleet using the data that comes from your drivers and vehicles to turn insights into action.

Automated workflows


Turn manual tasks into automated workflows

Automated compliance


Make compliance management automatic

Automated vehicle immobilization


Create rules to automate vehicle immobilization

Automated distribution of digital keys


Program the automatic distribution of digital keys

Automated connection with fleet service providers


Automate connections with fleet service providers

Automate insights


Automate insights from fleet management monitoring systems

Multiple systems, one workflow


Connect data from multiple systems to trigger workflow automations

Open new revenue streams


Open up new revenue streams from digital transformation

How fleet automation with Ridecell works

The Ridecell Fleet Transformation Cloud provides the data pipeline and APIs to tie together existing IT, fleet management, and connected vehicle systems—turning your data insights into triggers for workflow automations. Fleet automations unify and amplify the systems you have in place to create powerful workflows that optimize your fleet and your operations.

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Intelligent automation

Automated workflow creation from vehicle, IT systems, user, and vendor data


  • Visual tool for automation rule creation
  • Triggers can be based on telematics data, IT system alerts, and partner systems
  • Define rules for specific markets, service types, and vehicle types.
  • Generate work orders for partners based on your criteria via API

Keyless vehicle control

Digital keys for access control and remote immobilization


  • Keyless entry via third-party party telematics, including DENSO, GEOTAB, Continental, and INVERS
  • Multi-vendor integration in one fleet supported
  • Offline access via card keys, badges, and Bluetooth using locally stored key credentials
  • Unify digital vehicle control of your fleet using OEM-built connectivity and aftermarket telematics
  • Ability to remote unlock via an operator
  • Increase security with optional immobilizer to prevent engine starts
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Flexible systems integration

Packaged components and developer tools to connect vehicles, IT systems, and suppliers


  • Data integrations including OEM vehicle data, aggregators, and aftermarket telematics
  • Packaged components covering everything from driver verification to payment processing
  • SDK to create your own iOS and Android apps as well as website integrations
  • APIs to integrate into existing apps
  • Back-end integration with data pipeline for coupling systems
  • APIs for tightest IT system and partner integrations

AI/ML data insights

Machine learning / AI-driven insights for big data analysis


  • Interpret and mark up petabytes of raw data from cameras, LiDAR, dashcams
  • Extract information related to scene objects, road infrastructure, traffic interactions, driving behavior, and environmental factors
  • Quickly search extracted scenarios using RSL (Ridecell Scenario Language)
  • Automated risk analysis and accident reconstruction

Powerful data management and workflow automation for every size and type of fleet.

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