Ridecell helps make new mobility the new reality


The Intelligent Platform for New Mobility Services

Our end-to-end platform helps you launch, operate, and scale a new carsharing, ridesharing or autonomous ridehailing service of your own design. From concept to profitability, our mission is your mission: making new mobility the new reality.

Launch the right mobilty offering

Put plans into motion

Get into the business quickly; define, build, and launch the right offering for your market.

Data and analytics

Get profitable faster

One operations engine powers multiple services, all based on a single vehicle fleet.

Build on our partner ecosystem

Build on our partner ecosystem

From cleaning cars to marketing the service, Ridecell has the industry's leading partner network.

Autonomous Operations

Embrace driven and driverless

Prepare for the autonomous revolution today with the only platform that powers driven and self-driving mobility.

Made for profitability

The Ridecell platform is production-ready, so you can quickly launch a customized new mobility service with minimum upfront costs. As you learn and grow, we help you scale your business. Because of Ridecell’s multiservice capability, you can use the same fleet to operate multiple services, such as station-based carsharing, free-floating carsharing, peer-to-peer carsharing, corporate carsharing, car rentals, and/or ridesharing.

Our advanced platform allows you to address any of the following:



Innovate with free-floating or station-based services, adding advanced features like scheduled rentals.

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Leverage your fleet to offer ridesharing and optimize ride pooling.

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autonomous operations

Autonomous Operations

Operate and manage the autonomous ridehailing services of tomorrow.

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developer apis

Developer APIs

Create your own consumer app experience with our robust set of mobility APIs.

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An end-to-end technology solution

The Ridecell solution empowers companies to participate in the new age of transportation and to address exploding consumer demand for convenient mobility services. Our intelligent end-to-end infrastructure automates every part of running a new mobility operation. From onboarding new customers to scheduling, payments, and even comprehensive analytics, Ridecell has you covered.

See Ridecell in Action

Proven mobility platform

Ridecell is the preferred platform for auto OEMs and new mobility service providers around the world, addressing their ongoing challenges while preparing them for the future. In addition, we power ridesharing programs and fleet operations for large-scale university and corporate campuses. Tap into our deep expertise and experience to get started in the new mobility market.

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