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We're one Ridecell. And Ridecell India is one amazing team.

Ridecell India, global impact

As a driving force behind Ridecell’s engineering machine, we are unafraid to take risks and push boundaries in the name of our vision.

Moving the world better

With a vibrant shared culture, commitment to our values and passion for smarter solutions, experience what makes Ridecell India such an exciting place to be.

There is a culture here that fosters a collective commitment to win – We want to win, but we want to do it together. It’s a commitment to both our customers and each other.

George Cherian, Project Management & Quality Assurance

Ridecell India team photo


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Our Asia Pacific office brings the Silicon Valley culture of bold innovation to our team in India, paving the way for us to make our mark on a growing market. Here, we promote a free exchange of ideas among intelligent and passionate engineers who work to deliver award-winning technology for forward-thinking customers around the world.

How we work and play

Competitive pay, stock options, and top-tier health plans are the least we can offer our team. But we don’t believe in doing the least, so we’ve thrown in flexible working hours and unlimited time off to recharge.

To help you thrive in your career, we also offer personalized training and leadership coaching through learning and development programs.

India team photo
India Team photo

Building a better future

Our position at the forefront of the on-demand vehicle and fleet automation revolution is an exciting place to be. Led by founders with deep expertise in mobility patterns and machine learning, our team is building technology designed to keep us ahead of the revolutionary picture.

As part of this team, you’ll enjoy a culture of non-stop innovation where experience, smarts, and humanity work together to keep us focused on our aggressive vision.

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