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Only Ridecell brings together what you need to offer vehicles from by-the-minute to by-the-month

Ridecell solutions overview

High-yield mobility

Consumer demand for more flexible mobility choices is accelerating. To meet these changing needs, Ridecell will help you to create a full range of monetization options with your vehicle fleet. From offering High-yield shared mobility offerings such as carsharing and ridehailing, to the ability to offer customers complete vehicle packages by the week and month, our solutions empower you to adapt your business models for the new age of transportation. With so many critical components to running successful shared mobility initiative, leverage our proven platform to power your services—from onboarding new customers to reservations, fleet management to payments, and get powerful insights with comprehensive analytics. For short term commitment vehicles, you can also use the Ridecell platform to offer vehicles bundled with insurance and maintenance.

See Ridecell in Action

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Deliver amazing experiences

When you provide a great experience, it makes it easier and more cost effective to attract, engage and retain members. Ridecell turns key touchpoints into satisfying moments with tools and technology that make your service:

  • Easy to use across the journey
  • Personalized for each customer
  • Priced right for every situation
  • Always clean, serviced, and ready-to-go
  • Convenient with one app to reserve a car or request a ride

Fast + intelligent onboarding

Customers can sign up and be on the road in under 3 minutes. Ridecell automates driver license verification and driving record review, and lets your customers register payment methods as an individual, a corporate member or both — all from their mobile device. Scale your vehicle offering from packages by the minute to packages by the month.

Flexible + dynamic pricing

Shared mobility customers can reserve the nearest vehicle at full price or choose one that is further away – or is lower in charge – at a discounted rate. Incorporating machine learning, Ridecell’s platform automatically sets rates, and allows you to offer differentiated pricing by user group or discounted rates for corporate client employees. During times of excess capacity, offer vehicles for even longer rentals.

Built-in insurance + maintenance

Customers expect one charge to cover all their expenses. Benefit from the Ridecell ecosystem network to bundle insurance and maintenance into your vehicle offerings. And bundled packages aren’t just for minute-by-minute carsharing anymore; offer them to customers seeking to use a vehicle by the week or even over multiple months.

Enable high fleet utilization

Offering vehicles with a variety of business models is one of the critical elements to keeping fleets at the highest usage levels. Stacking business models to incorporate shared mobility, rentals to ridehailing drivers, and short-term commitment vehicle packages all contribute to ensuring your fleet is in demand more often and by more types of customers.



A more flexible approach
Power multiple types of mobility services and business models using the same platform and vehicle fleet to boost overall fleet utilization


Vehicle availability

Right where you’re needed
Ensure vehicle availability with data-driven supply/demand balancing and efficient fleet management


Customer-performed rebalancing

With all the right elements
Address more of the overall customer spend by bundling insurance and maintenance into all contracts, with transactions by the minute or by the month

Work your fleet harder—and smarter

Move beyond vehicle sharing
Ridecell supports carsharing, ridesharing and station-based car rental services, and now it also supports vehicle subscriptions, micro-leases, and other forms of short-term commitment packages to individuals. Expand your fleet offering to customers who aren’t ready to buy a car or commit to a multi-year lease but will consider weekly or monthly packages.

Targeted marketing campaigns
Customers use vehicles more often in response to timely high-impact marketing promotions and discount codes. Integrate the Ridecell data platform with leading CRM solutions to drive targeted, personalized engagement campaigns in near real time.

Multiple service groups
Understand your customers better with machine learning-based segmentation models and AI capabilities. Categorize customers by usage patterns and optimize pricing and loyalty programs to suit each group. Use segmentation information to enable variable pricing, corporate discounts and more for all of your vehicle business models.

Smart zone program
For shared mobility fleets, transform fleet repositioning from an expense into revenue. Machine learning identifies your “hot and cold zones” and high propensity customers. The AI dynamically adjusts pricing to entice customers to choose vehicles needing to be moved or fueled.

Ensure high efficiency operations

Streamlining and optimizing operations ensure your business runs at peak performance. With Ridecell, you can:

  • Automate business and fleet operations for cost savings and improved customer experience
  • Integrate big data and analytics for improved business, fleet, and customer relationship management
  • Leverage ecosystem services for faster launch and scaling
big data

Enhance efficiency and profitability


On-demand scheduled rental

Automated Fleet Operations
Use the automated business intelligence system to manage all of your vehicle fleet operations for maintenance, repair and cleanings. Use workflow automation and dispatch algorithms that track vehicle vitals and generate automated job dispatch to the fleet operations specialists to efficiently resolve issues and significantly reduce cost of operations.


Best practice ecosystem partners

Best practice Ecosystem partners
Leverage the top partners in the industry to launch smoothly, get pre-integrated offerings and deliver great service. Ridecell ecosystem partners assist with insurance, telematics, fleet maintenance, and other critical components of High-yield mobility.


Risk and fraud management

Risk and fraud management
Identify and mitigate fraud-based risk with advanced AI capabilities modeled on credit and usage patterns. Ridecell ensures secure payment best practices and GDPR compliance, and integrates with Transaction Risk Management Systems and Payment Card Industry data security standards.


Dynamic region managment

Dynamic region management
The Ridecell platform for shared mobility accommodates the creation of service region boundaries dynamically, as well as updating parking and EV charging space based on availability and status. You can tag charging and rental zones, provide access to premium and private parking locations, and avoid extra parking costs and fines for towing.


On-demand scheduled rental

Ridecell data platform
Access a near real-time feed of service operations events including member activity, vehicle telematics and operations data. With this data, you can customize business applications to better manage your service. Integrate the data platform with specific third-party tools to facilitate marketing automation, mobile analytics, business intelligence and parking access.

A suite of solutions to optimize the fleets of today – and tomorrow.

Short-term Offerings

Create short-term programs for customers not ready to commit to a vehicle purchase or long-term lease.

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Innovate with free-floating or station-based services. Add advanced features, including scheduled rentals.

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Make your fleet more productive with the addition of ridesharing and ride pooling services.

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Fleet Ops

Run shared fleets with the highest level of operations efficiency.

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Start with carsharing. Expand your offering to short-term commitment packages.