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Solutions for your motorpool, rental and logistics fleets built using the Fleet Automation platform.

Improve operational efficiency and revenues from your fleet.

The Fleet Automation and Mobility platform brings the power of digital transformation to fleets. Now Fleet Automation solutions extend the platform with fleet specific solutions packaged for your fleet type. For shared and rental fleets, our solutions help grow the bottom line with fleet monetization and optimization capabilities purpose-built to meet the needs of your service. And for last mile logistics and motorpool fleets, the solutions for these fleet types let you manage your fleets more efficiently leading to more uptime and dramatically lower cost of operations.

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Deliver the best experience.

Whether your fleet is essential to running your business or your fleet is your business, the right experience makes all the difference. Ridecell works alongside your fleet telematics and fleet management solutions. Solutions built on the Ridecell Fleet Automation and Mobility platform benefit from the care we take to make sure each application—and every interaction—is a joy to use. And of course that also means ensuring that your services are automated and optimized to run the most efficiently.


The solution for running a free floating, station based, scheduled and on-demand carsharing service.

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The solution for car, truck and van rental fleets that brings corporate and individuals a self-service rental process while providing greater security and automation for routine tasks.

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The solution for corporate and government motorpool fleets to create more efficient fleets and serve more users without adding resources.

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The solution for last mile delivery vehicles and logistics fleets to streamline operations with actionable insights and automation.

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The solution for all fleets needing protection around the clock with a fully-automated security management solution that knows when to disable digital keys, trigger immobilizations and notify authorities.

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