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The leading new mobility platform for automotive OEMs

2/3 vehicles sold in urban areas in the US will be to fleets by 2030

(Deloitte University Press)

Market cap of autonomous mobility-as-a-service 9x that of automakers by 2030

(ARK Investment Management LLC)

Market size for mobility-as-a-service by 2030

(Expert Interviews; PwC Autofacts; Strategy & Analytics)

Mobility services will be 50% cheaper than owning a car by 2030

(ABI Research)

Automotive OEMs

Prepare for the future. Take action today.

The intersection of on-demand mobility and autonomous will forever change the way we move from place to place. As an auto OEM, how can you prepare for the seismic shift in personal mobility? How can you be ready to seize the opportunities just around the corner?

Forward-thinking automakers understand they need to refocus their business and develop expertise in new mobility services—and they understand they need to start doing it now. But they have a decision to make: do they enter the new mobility market as a ridesharing provider or as a carsharing provider? Which is the better path to the autonomous future?

Carsharing is the way forward. Running a carsharing business will help you build the skills and infrastructure necessary to manage your own fleet of vehicles. Unlike today’s ridesharing services, where the cars belong to the drivers, carsharing teaches fleet management expertise while building a strong consumer brand.

By investing in a carsharing service now, you’ll gain the right skills, build customer loyalty, and be ready for the opportunities of the autonomous future. As you master the business, you can use the Ridecell platform to extend your fleet for ridesharing services—and for some of your autonomous trials.

Ridecell offers the only new mobility platform that scales from driven to driverless mobility.

Run a profitable business

After you get started in new mobility, your next challenge will be to run a profitable business, now and into the future. Operational efficiencies and high vehicle utilization are the keys to growing a carsharing service as you scale. Consider these capabilities to ensure a profitable service business:

Multiservice offering

Use the same set of vehicles to power carsharing, ridesharing, and even car rentals. Multiservice offerings result in higher utilization and greater efficiencies than standalone services.

Fleet management

Fleet management
Streamline operations, make sure your vehicles are in excellent condition and on the move—machine learning algorithms ensure prioritized job dispatching for planned maintenance and cleaning events as well as real-time change updates including damage reports and charging alerts.

Machine learning

Machine learning
Deliver a superior consumer experience with advanced AI capabilities that enable automated dispatch, dynamic pricing, and intelligent demand and supply balancing.


Ecosystem integration
For a fast and smooth launch, take advantage of a broad ecosystem of partners—for seamless payments, integrated telematics, fleet maintenance, and other critical components of a mobility service.

Ridecell carsharing App, Ridecell mobility app, Ridecell automotive OEM app

The mobility platform built for OEMs like BMW, Groupe Renault and VW

The Ridecell platform provides a fast and easy way for automakers to get started in the new mobility market. Built on years of experience powering new mobility services, our scalable, production-ready solution enables Ridecell’s customers to get into the service market quickly, operate efficiently, and position themselves for the future.

Ridecell Platform Benefits

What gives us (and you) the competitive advantage?

Multiservice offering


We’re the only mobility platform that allows you to operate multiple services using the same fleet of vehicles. You can offer consumers a carsharing, ridesharing, or car rental service—or a service that combines all three—from a single integrated app.

White Label

Your brand is everything

The Ridecell platform is designed for rebranding. Launch a new mobility service with your own brand clearly embedded in the consumer experience. There’s no need to develop your own app.

End to End

End to end

Ridecell automates every part of managing a mobility offering: onboarding riders/drivers, pricing and payments, driver-rider matching, demand-supply balancing, fleet management, real-time alerts, and comprehensive analytics.

Software expertise

Software expertise

The hardware-agnostic Ridecell platform integrates with multiple hardware platforms—not just in-house proprietary hardware—so you’ll have a mobility platform that works seamlessly with built-in connectivity solutions.

True Partnership

True partners at play

Ridecell works hand-in-hand with you to define an offering that leverages your unique strengths: your dealer network, global brand, and telematics hardware. We can also recommend partners to operationalize an offering that’s successful right out of the gate.

Start with carsharing, expand your offering,
and prepare for the self-driving future.