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Projected global decline in 2020 vehicle sales

(IHS Markit April 2020)

Drop in demand for used vehicles

(Cox/Manheim Apr 2020)

Drop in planned use of public transit in 2020

(IBM Study April 2020)

Automotive OEMs

The leading platform for short-term commitment vehicle packages

The automotive landscape just changed dramatically

As the world struggles to adapt to the global pandemic, both new and used vehicle purchases are expected to decline 25 to 30 percent globally. Yet, with concerns over ridesharing and public transit, the demand for private use vehicles is on the upswing. What’s the best way to meet this increased desire for vehicle usage in the context of a predicted decline in automotive sales?

Look to new business opportunities

While demand for vehicle use may be on the rise, economic uncertainty means that many are reluctant to make the long-term commitment of purchasing a vehicle, or even the relatively smaller commitment of a multi-year lease. Customers are looking for programs that provide a simple way to secure a vehicle for months rather than years.

With carsharing, customers pay for their vehicle usage by the minute, mile, hour, or day. These charges include all the costs, including insurance, maintenance, and parking. Even fuel is included. Extending this model to short commitment vehicle packages brings the same hassle-free user experience—freedom from long-term contracts, separate insurance requirements, and the responsibility for vehicle maintenance. Typically, fuel would not be included, and there would be mileage caps.

By offering short term vehicle packages, OEMs also gain the ability to meet the growing carsharing demands of the future. The infrastructure needed for short-term packages is also designed to run a by-the-minute carsharing offering alongside it.


No-contact test drives

The same technology used for short term vehicle packages can become the heart of your test drive programs as well. Using the Ridecell platform, your dealerships can allow customers to download your OEM app, schedule a test drive, prove their driver’s license credentials, and verify their credit card to set up a test drive. When they get to the vehicle, they can use the app to unlock the car and press the start button to drive away without needing a salesperson to accompany them. Vehicles can be located on the dealership lot or anywhere the car is allowed to be parked. The app then records the time and mileage, and the platform will bill the customer for any excesses at an agreed-upon rate. These fees can later be applied to the purchase price if the customer were to buy the car.

Run a profitable business

Getting started with short-term mobility offerings is one thing; the larger objective is to run a profitable business—now and into the future. Operational efficiencies and high fleet utilization are the keys to growing as you scale. Consider these capabilities to ensure a profitable service business:

Multiservice offering

Use the same set of vehicles to power short term vehicle programs, carsharing, and even ridesharing services. Multiservice offerings result in higher utilization and greater efficiencies than standalone services.

Fleet management

Fleet operations
Streamline operations and make sure your vehicles are in excellent condition and on the move. Machine learning algorithms and intelligent dispatch ensure vehicles are cleaned and sterilized between each customer.  And information from the vehicle itself is used to advise and dispatch its own service calls.

Machine learning

Machine learning
Leverage a system that’s been pre-trained with deep insights into the best approaches to keeping the fleet in use, cleaned, maintained, and profitable. Continue to fine-tune as your unique business grows.


Ecosystem integration
For a more rapid, more economical yet smoother launch, take advantage of a broad ecosystem of partners spanning: seamless payments, integrated telematics, fleet maintenance, insurance, and other critical components.

Ridecell carsharing App, Ridecell mobility app, Ridecell automotive OEM app

The short-term usage mobility platform built for OEMs

The Ridecell platform provides a fast and easy way for automakers to get started, offering short term vehicle packages by-the-minute or by the month. Built on years of experience powering new mobility services, our scalable, production-ready solution enables automotive OEMs to get into the service market quickly, operate efficiently, and position for the future.

Ridecell Platform Benefits

What gives us (and you) the competitive advantage?


No contact test drives

No-contact test drives

We allow your dealerships to offer no-contact test drives and even no-contact loaner cars.

White Label

Your brand is everything

The Ridecell platform is designed for rebranding. Quickly launch a mobility service with your brand clearly in the fabric of the consumer experience. Or integrate within your existing apps.

End to End

End to end

Ridecell automates every part of managing a short-term vehicle offering: onboarding riders/drivers, pricing and payments, driver-rider matching, demand-supply balancing, fleet management, real-time alerts, and comprehensive analytics.

Software expertise

Software expertise

The hardware-agnostic Ridecell platform integrates with multiple hardware platforms—not just in-house proprietary hardware—so you’ll have a mobility platform that works seamlessly with your built-in connectivity solutions.

True partnership

True partnership

Ridecell works with you to define an offering that leverages your unique strengths: your dealer network, global brand, and telematics hardware. We can also recommend partners to operationalize an offering that’s successful right out of the gate.

A suite of solutions to optimize the fleets of today – and tomorrow.

Short-term Offerings

Create short-term programs for customers not ready to commit to a vehicle purchase or long-term lease.

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Innovate with free-floating or station-based services. Add advanced features, including scheduled rentals.

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Make your fleet more productive with the addition of ridesharing and ride pooling services.

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Fleet Ops

Run shared fleets with the highest level of operations efficiency.

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Start with short term vehicle programs and no-contact test drives, expand your offering with carsharing.