More control over your fleet and more convenience for your customers.

Ridecell Rental

Ridecell Rental

Provide greater fleet security and automate routine tasks while giving corporate and individual users a self-serve rental process.

More convenience and more revenue

With a digital rental process that includes keyless access, move vehicles to where the demand is and rent 24×7.

Convenience and Security

Improved security and control

Automate driver verification and vehicle usage reports; remotely immobilize stolen vehicles or past-due accounts.

Optimize Operations

Self-initiating operations

Integrate your data, automate workflows, and set triggers to automatically dispatch maintenance crews.

Hardware agnostic

Use your own mix of hardware devices across fleets or even within a single vehicle.

Auto Rental System. Meet the demand for your vehicles where and when they’re needed.

Why limit your business to renting vehicles only from your lot? Ridecell Rental lets you locate vehicles where the demand is and lets your customers rent and return them at any time of the day or night. Rental agreements, keys, license and credit checks are all digitized, meaning the entire rental process can be completed online or on a smartphone without the need for a rental agent.

With automated driver screening and verification, even for corporate accounts, you can be assured your fleet is safe. And with real-time visibility and digital vehicle control built-in, should a problem arise, a rental goes missing, or an account becomes past due, you’ll be able to revoke access and disable vehicle restarts—remotely and automatically.


Customer app captures renter’s data or corporate account information. System automatically conducts driver license, credit card, and background checks.


Reservation made online or through an app. Your customer rental contract is digitally generated and signed.


Pick up
Customer goes directly to vehicle and unlocks with app or card key. Photographic damage reporting process completed and rental begins.


Customer can extend rental, report issue, or talk to service rep through app. System automatically initiates appropriate workflows.


Customer ends rental with app. System automatically captures return and initiates appropriate billing and vehicle check-in workflows.

Increase returns with satisfied customers and lower costs.

Key to customer satisfaction is ensuring your fleet vehicles are clean, dependable, and conveniently located. Our vehicle rental solution helps make this possible, all while increasing vehicle uptime and reducing operating costs. With Ridecell, fleet managers don’t need to wait until a vehicle issue is reported or a vehicle breaks down. Instead, our solution can diagnose fault codes and automatically trigger the workflows required to fix issues before they occur. Repetitive manual tasks can be automated. And both alerts and scheduled servicing can be automatically prioritized and handled according to customizable rules. The result is the kind of operational excellence that keeps customers coming back for more.

  • Collect and standardize data from OEM and 3rd-party telematics systems
  • Enable and configure rules to trigger automated service requests
  • Monitor and enforce preventative maintenance compliance
  • Seamlessly integrate with in-house IT systems and fleet servicing suppliers

Powerful data management and workflow automation for every size and type of fleet.

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