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Ridecell markets overview
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The journey to change how people consume transportation is just beginning. In fact, new mobility services currently account for less than one percent of all vehicle passenger miles. That’s going to change very soon.

Ready to join the transportation revolution?

Ridecell works with a wide range of businesses that are investing in the new mobility future.


Automotive OEMs
Build deeper relationships with customers and prospects by enabling them to experience your car brands in new ways.
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Automotive dealerships
Vehicle inventory, service and maintenance capabilities, real estate, and local market knowledge are excellent underpinnings for a successful mobility service.
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Car Rentals

Car rental agencies
Shift from daily rentals to renting by the minute, while leveraging your existing infrastructure to acquire, clean, and condition vehicle fleets.
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Ecosystem affiliates
Position your business as a transportation innovator—whether you’re in insurance, maintenance, auto club services, or fleet management.
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Let’s get to work

At Ridecell, we’re honored to work with the most forward-thinking companies around the world to create better and more flexible transportation. Imagine what we could do together.

Our advanced platform allows you to address any of the following:


Innovate with free-floating or station-based services, adding advanced features like scheduled rentals.

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Leverage your fleet to offer ridesharing and optimize ride pooling.

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Autonomous Operations

Operate and manage the autonomous ridehailing services of tomorrow.

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Developer APIs

Create your own consumer app experience with our robust set of mobility APIs.

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