Reimagine leasing without reinventing your systems.

Transform your fleet business with orchestrated vehicle lifecycle management that will delight your clients.

The Ridecell Fleet Transformation Cloud works with your existing back office and IT systems to improve the productivity, profitability and client experiences of leasing businesses.

Fleet Visibility

Real-time fleet visibility

Break down siloed data and surface critical insights across the organization.

Automate your workflows

Orchestrated operations

Streamline operations and increase productivity through automation of manual tasks.

Icon of leased vehicle and info portal

Customer self-service

Allow self-service for customers to view their fleet information in an all-in-one portal.

Unprecedented visibility into your entire leasing business

Ridecell provides the only solution built for the leasing industry that uncovers operational blind spots and provides business visibility across geographics and business lines, regardless of the systems behind the services. With Ridecell Visibility, you will continuously surface the insights to identify operational bottlenecks and recommend the actions needed to reimagine how you conduct business.

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Image of different roles being able to see the same data

Offer customer self-service capabilities.

Reduce phone calls and emails from customers requesting updates on vehicle status that impact employee productivity and customer satisfaction. Ridecell provides a convenient single sign-on portal that aggregates data from internal and external vendors allowing customers to get real-time status updates. Employees’ time is freed up to help boost customer satisfaction in other impactful ways.

Orchestrate automations for profit and client delight.

Eliminate manual tasks and duplicate entries. Utilize orchestrated automation for your back office and fleet operation workflows, from upfitting instructions and customer delivery, to deciphering vehicle alerts and scheduling in-use servicing. Automate in-fleeting and de-fleeting vehicles for increased efficiency and client satisfaction.

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Helpful resources

Learn more about how solutions built on the Ridecell Fleet Transformation Cloud can help you manage your fleet to reduce costs while extending your offerings.

eBook: Automation Reduces Bottlenecks for Fleet Management Companies

Automation Reduces Bottlenecks for Fleet Management Companies


Find out how fleet automation can alleviate the workflow bottlenecks that impact your overall business while providing opportunity for superior and differentiated services.

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Webinar: Automate and Drive: Toward the Use of AI in Fleet Management

Automate and Drive: Toward the Use of AI in Fleet Management


Join Lukas Neckermann, Managing Director of Neckermann Strategic Advisers and Mark Thomas, EVP of Alliances and Marketing for Ridecell as they discuss implementing the next step-change in fleet management – intelligent automation.

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Transforming Insights into Action with Fleet Automation – Infographic

Transforming Insights into Action with Fleet Automation


Gain insight into some game-changing statistics coming from companies who have undergone a complete digital transformation with the help of a fleet automation solution, turning insights into action.


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