Lower costs. Boost ROI and customer satisfaction.

A robust platform for shared fleets; superior lifecycle management for your entire fleet.

The Fleet Transformation Cloud works with your existing back office and IT systems to increase the productivity and profitability of leasing operations.

Automate your workflows

Automated Operations

Streamline operations and break down silos across the organization.

Flexible alternatives to traditional leases

Subscription and Rental Services

Offer customers more convenience and flexibility.

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Corporate Carshare Services

Simplify management and deliver superior driver experiences.

Simplify and speed up workflows

Eliminate manual tasks and duplicated data entry. Automate your back office and fleet operations workflows, from customer on-boarding and payment processing, to deciphering vehicle alerts and scheduling in-lease servicing. Get real-time visibility into vehicle location and status across business lines to match supply with demand. Automate vehicle in-fleeting and de-fleeting to maximize ROI. And boost fleet security with keyless vehicle control that lets you remotely resolve lockouts, turn vehicle access on and off, and disable engine starts for stolen vehicles and delinquent accounts.

Learn more about automating with the Ridecell Operations 360

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Offer short-term rentals and subscriptions

Add the convenience of “counter-less” rentals with a customizable app for self-service checkouts and returns. Replace vehicle key fobs with an app or hotel-style keycard to eliminate key hassles. Automate driver verification, background checks, credit checks, and payment processing. And with self-service returns, automatically capture fuel level and odometer reading to generate pricing adjustments and invoices on the spot.

For customers looking for more flexibility, offer subscriptions with in-lease vehicle swaps, incentives for good driver behavior, and an app for tracking mileage and scheduling service. Automate pricing, maintenance, and recurring monthly billing.

Learn more about the Ridecell Rental solution.

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Manage corporate carsharing fleets

Keep carsharing fleets running smoothly with simplified management and better user experiences. Make reservations easy with an app or web portal that automates driver approvals, department chargebacks, and corporate compliance. Automatically increase checkouts of underutilized vehicles and EVs. Use digital keys to provide role-based access and eliminate the hassles of physical keys. And get real-time visibility into vehicle location and driving behavior to ensure that vehicles are always roadworthy, secure, and where they need to be.

Learn more about the Ridecell Fleet Share solution.

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Helpful resources

Learn more about how solutions built on the Ridecell Fleet Transformation Cloud can help you manage your fleet to reduce costs while extending your offerings.

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Webinar: Automate and Drive: Toward the Use of AI in Fleet Management

Automate and Drive: Toward the Use of AI in Fleet Management


Join Lukas Neckermann, Managing Director of Neckermann Strategic Advisers and Mark Thomas, EVP of Alliances and Marketing for Ridecell as they discuss implementing the next step-change in fleet management – intelligent automation.

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