Blueprint your process. Discover blind spots. Fix bottlenecks.


Ridecell Visibility

Continuously surface insights to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Process Mapping

Blueprint processes

Generate the process map of your vehicle lifecycle to evaluate workflows from purchase to remarketing.

Identify blind spots

Identify blind spots

Complete end-to-end process and data visibility surfaces bottlenecks and their root causes.

Unified, Real-time Data

Real-time intelligent insights

Facilitate the generation of AI-assisted insights with data from internal and vendor systems.

Real-time status

Improve the client experience

Provide clients with a unified view of their fleet status—from delivery to in-use insights.

Continuous intelligent visibility

Whether it’s internal fleet management systems or external supplier systems, Ridecell Visibility provides a real-time view of your entire fleet business. You can see the activity, usage, and financial performance of every vehicle across business lines and geographies. Additionally, you can compare metrics across sub-brands that may use different systems, allowing you to keep tabs on your business health like never before.

Screenshot of Ridecell Visibility

Track performance

Track supplier performance

Compare historical performance across vendors to prioritize the highest performers.


Visualize impacts of activities

Focus on activities that provide the greatest cost savings.

Uncover underutilized assets

Uncover underutilized assets

Complete vehicle usage visibility provides the basis for asset rebalancing.

Service management

Consolidate information for customers

Provide customers with a complete view of their vehicle status from delivery to in-use operations.

Precision forecasting

Accurately measuring stock levels, demand metrics, and utilization rates makes fleet forecasting challenging. Routine errors in fleet data management can lead to significant losses in revenue and customer satisfaction. Ridecell Visibility delivers real-time, consolidated fleet data on the metrics that matter most to your business—so you can forecast with unprecedented clarity.

Ridecell Visibility Forecasting

Powerful data management and workflow automation for every size and type of fleet.

Ridecell Visibility


Continuously surface insights to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
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Ridecell Operations 360

Operations 360

Automations for upfitting, in-life operations, and remarketing.
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Ridecell Rental


Increase rental fleet utilization and security while reducing your team’s workload.
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Ridecell Fleet Share

Fleet Share

Simplify last mile fleet operations with variable fleet management.
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