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The key to shared last mile fleets.

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Ridecell Fleet Share

Rethink your last mile fleet operations with variable fleet management that incorporates smartphone access to vehicle keys and shared scheduling to boost fleet efficiency.

Share fleet between operators

Share fleets between operators

Create groups of last mile delivery vehicles shared by multiple operators using a mobile app or web experience.

Streamline driver experience

Streamline the driver experience

Provide drivers a self-service experience for picking up reserved vehicles.

Vehicle access optionality

Vehicle access optionality

Use a smartphone to digitally unlock vehicles or open onsite key boxes.

Enhance control and security

Enhance control and security

Remotely unlock vehicles for stranded drivers and immobilize parked vehicles using keyless telematics.

Unlocking revenue potential

Make variable fleets more efficient and easier to manage with Ridecell Fleet Share.

A self-service system allows fleet operators to schedule a reservation and assign drivers to pick up vehicles. Digital keys and key box integrations eliminate the need to staff locations for driver hand-off. Damage reporting is digitally captured at the beginning and end of rental and if a driver forgets to lock the vehicle when they return it, Ridecell Fleet Share can secure it automatically.

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Icon Driver Management

Driver Management
Fast vehicle assignment for drivers and remote unlock for stranded drivers.

Icon scheduling

Schedule vehicle pick-up for one or several vehicles.

Icon Damage Reporting

Damage Reporting
Standardized app-based vehicle damage reporting utilizing text fields and/or photos.

Icon automatic ending of Rental

Auto End Rental
Automatic vehicle locking and reservation end when vehicles arrive at assigned location.

Icon Fleet Oversight

Fleet Oversight
Fleet operators and FMCs have access to vehicle location, vehicle status, rental status and access permissions.

Image of Fleet Share app showing compatibility with Geotab, Denso and Continental telematics

Works with variety of keyless hardware providers

Ridecell Fleet Share is pre-integrated with multiple keyless hardware providers including Geotab, DENSO and Continental.

Powerful data management and workflow automation for every size and type of fleet.

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Ridecell Operations 360

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Ridecell Fleet Share

Fleet Share

Simplify last mile fleet operations with variable fleet management.
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