Operational efficiency, automatically delivered.

Operations 360

Ridecell Operations 360

Automations for upfitting, in-life operations, and remarketing.

Unified, Real-time Data

Unified, real-time data

Easily see the status of all assets by unifying fleet data from disparate systems into one single source of truth.

API Integration

Simplified API integration

Simplify connections to multiple internal systems and vendor networks.

Real-time status

Real-time fleet status

Identify how long vehicles stay in non-revenue stages, saving time and vendor interactions.

Intelligent decision-making

Automate simple tasks, conduct deeper analysis, and make complex decisions easier with automation.

Unlock the power of automation.

Losing track of vehicles is costly – to productivity and the bottom line. Now, imagine a world where manual tasks associated with a vehicle’s life cycle could complete themselves – all automatically. With the power of Ridecell, life just got a lot easier.

  • Leverage rules-based automations to automatically initiate and execute workflows
  • Retain and grow skilled employees while improving overall satisfaction
  • Meet customer vehicle demand with better inventory management and visibility

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Streamline Your Fleet Using Automation.

Ridecell Operations 360 brings fleet management companies the ability to integrate their systems with increased flexibility, understand vehicle data to maximize value, and ultimately make better decisions.

Expand your fleet strategy to enable more profitable and efficient fleet actions with Ridecell Operations 360.

Global and local automations

Global automations with local flexibility
Standardize processes globally, with the option
for local optimized workflows.

Hardware & Connectivity Agnositic

Hardware & connectivity agnostic
See consistent, unified vehicle information from multiple telematics systems rolled up into a single live screen.


Dispatch work orders, driver reassignments, digital key distributions—and servicing, all automatically.

Service management

Service management
Automate, integrate, and coordinate job lists and dispatch orders with suppliers, shops, and field workers.

Effortless fleet coordination

Whether scheduled or in response to an alert, job lists are generated automatically and optimized for time and distance based on a growing list of customizable criteria crucial to your fleet’s success. And that list is continually updated based on real-time status and new job priorities.

An easy-to-use app lets field crews manage their availability status, receive navigation assistance, review job task lists, complete work orders, and communicate with dispatch and other field specialists. App features include:

  • Task-based checklist to ensure that proper steps are followed
  • Service manager chat channel with photos for task documentation
  • Map integration for navigation to job location
  • Available for both Android and iOS

Automate throughout the journey of your assets.


Supply-demand analysis, Estimated supply gap, Plan acquisition, Place order


Resale channels

Upfitting & Delivery

Manage delivery
Activate vehicle


Assign/reassign to contracts, Delivery to customer, Pick up from customer, Maintenance and repair, Collision management

Powerful data management and workflow automation for every size and type of fleet.

Operations 360

Operations 360

Automations for upfitting, in-life operations, and remarketing.
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