Autonomous Rides

The self-driving revolution is already in the planning stages. Whether your vision is to set up private fleets on campuses and corporations or to launch a driver-free taxi operation, Ridecell has the experience to power your fully autonomous mobility service.

Autonomous ride services require a platform that combines elements of both ridesharing and carsharing—and Ridecell is equipped for both. With Ridecell, you can verify that your riders are who they claim to be—and enable only that rider to access their assigned vehicle. What if your customers want flexible use of a car? The Ridecell platform can power any stretch of time for running errands, visiting family, or shopping on the town.

Ridecell is currently developing autonomous pilot projects with some of the industry's top innovators. If you're interested in testing our unique integration of carsharing and ridesharing capabilities, check in with our experts. They'll help you explore the options and define an offering that will be a win for your business.
Ridecell + Auro
Autonomous Meets New Mobility Services
Ridecell and Auro Robotics boost efficiencies of driverless, electric shuttle services on university and corporate campuses
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Key Features
Is each vehicle preset to the customer's individual preferences? Whether it's the perfect temperature or the right music channel, the Ridecell platform verifies your customers' identities and handles their every desire.
Dispatch Intelligence
The Ridecell platform builds in smart routing algorithms and a sophisticated dispatch system that ensure seamless pickups and dropoffs, for both solo and pooled rides.
Fleet Management
Keep your cars in excellent condition and keep them on the road with integrated predictive maintenance features.
Payment Handling
The Ridecell platform processes all manner of rider payments, including charges for damage or other events, while smart algorithms set pricing dynamically to accommodate shifts in demand.
Advanced Analytics
Our platform learns from experience. With insights from the Ridecell platform, you can make sure your vehicles are positioned where the demand is most likely.
Interested in ridesharing, carsharing, or any hybrid of the two? With Ridecell, you can launch your new mobility initiative today and expand it as business takes off.
“The challenge goes beyond simply connecting the car—Ridecell’s innovative platform helps leading automakers level and (leap) the playing field with a ready-to-go, robust platform that enables world-class mobility services in a matter of months, not years.”
Jeffrey Hannah, Director, North America, SBD