Faster. More sustainable. More secure. All automatically.

Speed up deliveries with workflow automation and keyless vehicle control.

Ridecell Fleet Transformation Cloud works with your existing management software and hardware devices to increase sustainability, boost efficiency, and strengthen the security of delivery fleets.

Automatic idle reduction

Automatic idle reduction

Intelligently save on emissions and fuel.

Automated Service, Maintenance, and Repair

Make roadworthiness automatic.

Increase fleet sustainability

Automated Logistics and Lifecycle

Increase fleet sustainability and efficiency.

Eliminate last-mile speed bumps

Speed is critical in the delivery business. But managing risk and environmental impact is also important.

Ridecell keyless vehicle control helps shave minutes off of delivery stops while keeping drivers, vehicles, and deliveries secure. Vehicles can automatically lock and unlock, and engines can turn off, based simply on the driver’s proximity to the vehicle. Locked-out drivers can be let back in remotely. And when it comes to protecting the environment and reducing fuel costs, we’ve got you covered there too with automatic idle reduction.

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How Proximity Locking Keeps Drivers, Vehicles and Cargo Secure

In a world that increasingly relies on the transportation and delivery of goods, it has become even more critical for fleet-based businesses to ensure the drivers and vehicles that transport cargo from point A to point B are safe and secure.

Make roadworthiness automatic

If drivers are ignoring malfunction and maintenance lights to stay on schedule, fleet automation can minimize downtime and ensure that your vehicles are in top condition.

The Fleet Transformation Cloud speeds up end-to-end workflows by deciphering vehicle DTC codes, responding to alerts, grounding unsafe vehicles, scheduling repairs, dispatching service crews, and returning vehicles to service—all automatically. Scheduled maintenance can be combined with unscheduled repairs to increase uptime. And with keyless vehicle control, you can automatically assign, transfer, and revoke vehicle access for maintenance workers doing after-hours servicing.

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Boost fleet productivity

Ridecell Operations 360 provides automation and insights needed to keep your fleet business, vehicles, and drivers operating at peak performance.

Accelerate sustainability initiatives by simplifying EV management with automated vehicle charging, routing, and scheduling. Get the insights needed to increase fleet efficiency with custom reports that include vehicle utilization and condition, driving behavior, historical access and lockout data, and SMR analysis. And use real-time visibility into fleet conditions and inventory to inform lifecycle decisions, with vehicle on-boarding and off-boarding automated to maximize ROI.

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