Digital Keyless Vehicle Access and its Fleet Applications

Shifting into the Next Phase of Fleet Management: Workflow Automation and Internet of Things Data Integration

When it comes to technology, being out of the loop is something most businesses can’t afford – especially fleet-based businesses. When you rely on drivers and vehicles to maintain daily operations, being in-the-know with the happenings of your fleet is critical, especially when managing a fleet comes with many responsibilities and tasks. One of those tasks is often centered around the management of physical keys. With physical keys, your risk of vehicle theft, misplacing a key or not having the right driver in the right vehicle increases tenfold.

Enter digital keyless vehicle access technology. With the help of a fleet automation solution combined with a keyless vehicle access solution, quickly securing your fleet becomes automated…and much easier. In this white paper, you’ll learn…

  • How keyless technology works
  • The benefits of using keyless vehicle access technology
  • Specific use cases for when using keyless access
  • Steps for efficient management of a keyless solution

Digital Keyless Vehicle Access and its Fleet Applications

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