What Is Fleet Automation and How Does it Help?

March 30th, 2022 | by Stacey Papp, Director, Content | Posted in: Insight on Things

What Is Fleet Automation and How Does it Help?

In an industry that thrives on pace and momentum, making the most of new technologies to better manage workflows and workloads has never been more important. In this modern world where advancements are used to benefit both customers and businesses alike, multiple tasks can be harnessed and filtered through one true source to blend innovation and efficiency.

Fleet automation software has enabled businesses to look further than ever before into how to remain competitive through utilizing fleet management technology. But there are many companies in commercial fleet management that are still unsure of what fleet automation is and how it can be of use to them.

What Is Fleet Automation?

A fleet automation solution is cutting-edge technology that provides fleet managers and operators with fast and actionable information on the status and performance of their fleets. Often used to help combine information from multiple systems into one single source of truth, it is incredibly simple to use and channels the insights it collects into one platform.

Known as the “watchdog” that observes every notification coming from your fleet, it is viewed not as another solution to manage but a system that offers key information that helps managers automate everyday tasks, providing bigger picture guidance along the way.

The Many Benefits of Fleet Automation

While a fleet automation solution might appear to only improve day-to-day tasks, the truth is that it will continue to fuel innovation and efficiency in ways you may have never considered before. With the right fleet automation solution, the benefits of fleet software are immeasurable. Below are some of the most notable ones for your fleet business:

  • Only relevant information coming through – Fleet managers are expected to juggle vast amounts of information from multiple sources. Unfortunately, not all of that information is relevant or of use. But that doesn’t mean fleet managers aren’t still wasting several hours per day trawling through this information to find the actionable stuff. Fleet automation solutions channel only the most relevant information to the manager, removing the unnecessary extras and eliminating hours of misused time.
  • Vehicle compliance and maintenance – Fleet automation solutions reduce the pressure on managers to check that all vehicles are well-maintained and in compliance with current regulations and requirements. It also provides insights into potential upcoming checks and issues that may not be visible to the eye, offering complete safety, compliance, and protection.
  • Improved scheduling – With so much to keep track of and so many variables affecting daily schedules, it can be an overwhelming task to stay up to date with it all. Scheduling alone is a full-time job, and inevitably, important dates can slip through the cracks. A fleet automation solution can schedule and plan out important dates, daily tasks, and other essentials, giving fleet managers more time to focus on other aspects of the business.
  • Greater overall efficiency – Every misstep, error, and oversight in commercial fleet management causes hold-ups that are costly to your company’s time, finances, and overall reputation. Through an innovative and streamlined approach to fleet automation solutions, you’re setting your business up for a future that’s fast, efficient, and never behind with the times.

Finding the Best Fleet Automation Solution for Your Needs

While fleet automation is now an essential part of a forward-thinking and modern fleet operation, it’s important to find the best fleet software for your specific goals within your respective industry. In order to remain an integral part of the race towards business innovation, a fleet automation solution should offer the following:

  • Streamlined processes and easy-to-use systems
  • Integrated data that’s of use and actionable
  • Insights into monetizing your fleets
  • A system that works alongside your telematics to upgrade your processes
  • Flawless integration of manual processes into automated workflows

Turn Insights into Action, Automatically

With so many systems to monitor there comes an increase in potential insights, which in turn, create more actions for fleet managers to keep an eye on. While reporting these issues is helpful, it creates an increased workload and no resolutions for them, causing more information and insights but a lot of work and an overload of information too.

Turn Insights into Workflow Triggers

The Ridecell fleet automation and mobility solution learns your fleet systems then turns that information into automated workflow triggers. With a fleet automation solution, your company fleet management software makes difficult tasks easy to manage at the touch of a button.

  • Automated responses to change the state of any fleet vehicle
  • Digital keys issued online for better vehicle access
  • Monetize vehicles outside of core office hours through digitization
  • Remote immobilization technologies to prevent theft and vehicle restarts
  • Fast and efficient diagnostics through custom workflows

Resolve issues, identify problems before it’s too late, and integrate all your systems through one clear channel. The Ridecell platform helps propel the following businesses forward in the race to exceed expectations and deliver a first-class service.

Some of the most reputable and successful fleets across the world are embracing innovations from fleet automation solutions to increase productivity, reduce fleet-related costs and keep customers happy. To learn how Ridecell can help automate your daily fleet operations and improve your fleet’s efficiency, click here.

Author: Stacey Papp, Director, Content Marketing, Ridecell

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