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Ridecell Security

Ridecell Security

Protect your fleet around the clock with a fully-automated security management solution that knows when to disable digital keys, trigger immobilization, and notify authorities.

Vehicle immobilization

Remotely disable engine starts for stolen vehicles, delinquent accounts, or reckless drivers.

Security automation

Get more than alerts. Respond quickly with customizable business rules that automate corrective actions for better fleet security.

Location intelligence

Search location histories, create geofences by customers, and share stolen vehicle locations with authorities.

Hardware agnostic

No disruptions. Ridecell easily integrates with your own mix of hardware devices across your fleet.

Protection that’s automatic.

Vehicle recovery has never been easy. Until now. Ridecell can automate the recovery of stolen and delinquent account vehicles. Was that your vehicle leaving a crime scene? Run a search on your entire fleet’s location history. If it was, automatically share its current location with authorities. Let them know if the vehicle is in motion, has the engine running, and if it’s on public or private property. And if it is verified stolen, digitally activate the immobilizer to prohibit restarts, even if the driver has a key. Getting back what’s yours has never been simpler.

Vehicle control
Digital immobilization for stolen vehicles or accounts in arrears

Real-time monitoring of vehicle location and status on a live map

Location tagging and sharing for immobilized vehicles

Programmable geolocation alerts for impound lots and authorized area departures

Proximity Locking

Keeping drivers, vehicles and the goods they transport secure has never been easier or faster. Learn how Ridecell’s cutting edge platform can automate vehicle locking, unlocking and immobilizing based upon the proximity of the driver to the vehicle.

Powerful data management and workflow automation for every size and type of fleet.

Ridecell Logistics


Integrate delivery and service fleet data across systems. Automatically turn insights into actions.
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Ridecell Rental


Increase rental fleet utilization and security while reducing your team’s workload.
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Ridecell Motorpool


Simplify motorpool fleet management while creating more convenience for employees.
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Ridecell Shared


Take your mobility service to the next level.
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Ridecell Security


Secure any fleet with an automated immobilization and vehicle recovery solution.
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Interested automating security management and remote immobilization for your fleet?