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Fleet Automation - Turn insights into action, automatically.

Ridecell Fleet Automation

The cloud-based platform for digital transformation that turns fleet management alerts and vehicle data into automated workflows with the power to control vehicle access and engine starts.

Automate your fleet optimization.

You’ve invested millions in fleet management systems that generate insights about your fleet. With more systems comes more insights that lead to more actions to manage. The Ridecell Fleet Automation and Mobility platform learns your fleet systems and turns manual tasks into automated workflows that resolve issues, rather than merely report them.


Program the platform to listen to your internal systems and vehicle status and turn those fleet insights into triggers for workflow automations. As a fleet automation and mobility platform, it has the ability to automatically change the state of any vehicle in your fleet. Vehicle access is automated with digital keys issued over the air. Vehicle use is controlled with remote immobilizations that prevent the vehicle from being restarted. Create custom workflows that automatically detect and diagnose issues, take vehicles in and out of service, and issue digital keys to drivers and staff. All seamlessly handled by the Ridecell Fleet Automation and Mobility platform.

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Making your fleet work smarter, not harder.

Learn how Ridecell can help digitally transform your fleet using the data that comes from your drivers and vehicles to turn insights into action.

Automated workflows


Turn manual tasks into automated workflows

Automated compliance


Make compliance management automatic

Automated vehicle immobilization


Create rules to automate vehicle immobilization

Automated distribution of digital keys


Program the automatic distribution of digital keys

Automated connection with fleet service providers


Automate connections with fleet service providers

Automate insights


Automate insights from fleet management monitoring systems

Multiple systems, one workflow


Connect data from multiple systems to trigger workflow automations

Open new revenue streams


Open up new revenue streams from business transformation

How Ridecell Fleet Automation works

The Ridecell Fleet Automation and Mobility platform provides the data pipeline and APIs to tie together existing IT, fleet management, and connected vehicle systems—turning your data insights into triggers for workflow automations. Fleet automations unify and amplify the systems you have in place to create powerful workflows that optimize your fleet and your operations.

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Insight Management

Integrate data insights and alerts from your connected fleet and in-house IT solutions to create a “single source of truth” and triggers for automated workflows. Our insight manager gives you:


  • SDK, APIs and data pipeline for connecting to internal systems and connected fleets
  • Pre-built integrations to service providers, OEM and aftermarket telematics and fleet platforms
  • Intelligent data asset management for centralized and searchable data
  • Alerts engine that processes incoming insights and dispatches as business automation triggers

Digital Vehicle Control

Accelerate workflows with the ability to see and remotely change the state of fleet vehicles. Our digital vehicle control is hardware agnostic and lets you:


  • Issue digital keys automatically to drivers and support personnel
  • Provide a variety of vehicle access methods including NFC fobs and smartphone Bluetooth
  • Digitally prevent vehicle restarts, even if the driver has the key
  • Unify digital vehicle control of your fleet using OEM-built connectivity and aftermarket telematics
  • Create automations that programmatically change the vehicle state to grant access or block usage
Digital Fleet Management Icons
Workflow Fleet Automation Icon

Workflow Automation

Free up your staff and replace labor-intensive manual processes with automated workflows triggered using data insights from your vehicles and IT systems. The automation engine lets you:


  • Use insights from existing fleet systems to trigger automated workflows
  • Create business rules that define how fleet conditions should be resolved
  • Automatically initiate the actions that resolve fleet issues
  • Define automations that are one-time, recurring, date driven or dependent on real-time fleet conditions

Powerful data management and workflow automation for every size and type of fleet.

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