Ridecell Motorpool

Simpler management with greater operations control.

Ridecell Motorpool

Make your government or corporate fleet operations more efficient, automate manual tasks, and serve more users without adding resources.

Increase efficiency and lower costs

Simplify managing a motorpool with keyless entry, advanced reporting and fleet notifications for vehicle conditions including fuel, battery and engine codes.

Improve utilization

Use real-time monitoring and fleet analytics to improve vehicle availability.

Streamline the user experience

Give users scheduled or on-demand reservation options. Go keyless with smartphone connectivity or assigned NFC smart card.

Enhance compliance and security

Be informed of vehicle location and status, assuring your fleet is secure and used appropriately.

Get a harder working fleet—with less work.

Simplify your motorpool operations and get more done—faster and easier—without adding staff. Ridecell gives you real-time visibility into the location and status of your fleet while automating tasks such as driver onboarding, vehicle servicing, and customized billing.

A self-service reservation system lets drivers schedule ahead of time or grab a vehicle spur of the moment. Digital keys eliminate all the hassles of physical keys. And if someone forgets to lock the car when they are done using it, Ridecell Motorpool will lock it automatically. It’s time to get your fleet to work.

Example of motorpool platform illustrating upcoming trips

Driver Management
Fast onboarding and offboarding for new and departing employees

Scheduled and on-demand for every vehicle

Smart Stations
Automatic vehicle locking for vehicles parked at a station

Daily, weekly, or monthly automated department chargebacks

Real-time monitoring of vehicle location and status on a live map

Utilization and insight reports

Geotab Go with Mobile Phone image

Works with Geotab Keyless

Ridecell + Geotab can be purchased directly off the Sourcewell and CALDGS contracts in the United States and Canada. Contact us or your Geotab reseller to learn more.

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Powerful data management and workflow automation for every size and type of fleet.

Ridecell Logistics


Integrate delivery and service fleet data across systems. Automatically turn insights into actions.
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Ridecell Rental


Increase rental fleet utilization and security while reducing your team’s workload.
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Ridecell Motorpool


Simplify motorpool fleet management while creating more convenience for employees.
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Ridecell Shared


Take your mobility service to the next level.
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Ridecell Security


Secure any fleet with an automated immobilization and vehicle recovery solution.
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