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Lease cars by the minute. Remove barriers by the truckload.


Put aging pre-owned inventory to work as carshare vehicles


Offer Internet buyers self-service test drives

Loaner app

Give service customers an app to access your loaner fleet

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Plan ahead for the on-demand vehicle revolution

Automotive dealers are in a unique position to capitalize on today’s new mobility opportunities. You already have ready access to new and pre-owned vehicles—and you have the infrastructure to keep them clean and in excellent working condition.

Want to put those critical assets to work in new ways?

Ridecell provides a technology platform that can power any number of on-demand services for auto dealerships. Improve vehicle sales with self-service test drives. Keep service customers happy with convenient access to loaner cars. Or create an entirely new revenue stream by starting a carsharing service.

Learn how to add on-demand services to your dealership business.

Sell more cars. Improve service satisfaction.

Automate test drives and loaner car reservations.

Branded App

Now you can make it easy for customers to test-drive your vehicles. With your own dealership-branded mobile app, customers can schedule on-demand test drives from your lot. Since the process can be completely independent of your sales team, Internet buyers have the freedom to explore their potential purchase in the manner many prefer: without sales interaction.

App Connected

How does it work?

Ridecell provides the app with your branding and all the infrastructure to power the service. When the customer downloads your app, they’ll be prompted to take a selfie and to take pictures of their driver’s license and credit card. The Ridecell platform checks that the license is valid and that the driver has a satisfactory driving record. The platform also verifies the credit card. If all is well, the customer is approved to reserve and drive your cars.

Self service

Your customer then uses the app to choose a car (or cars) and a time slot for their test drive. When the customer arrives on your lot, the app directs them to the vehicle, and enables them to unlock and start the car. With a push of a button or a key, the customer is off and driving. You can allow them to drive the car for some number of free minutes or some number of free miles, beyond which you can charge them for any extra minutes or miles. (It’s totally up to you how to structure the service.) When the customer returns the car to the lot, they use the app to end their test drive and to lock the car.

This same on-demand convenience works for loaner cars as well. Your service customers can reserve a loaner while their car is being serviced, offering speedier checkout times since there’s no need to fill out paperwork or verify their driver’s license.

Create your next profit center.

Establish your own branded carsharing service.

Fleet Management

The mobility revolution provides new opportunities at every level of the industry. As today’s automotive brands are experimenting with direct-to-consumer carsharing businesses, you may wonder if you’re being cut out of the picture. No worries! Now is the perfect time to develop your own on-demand carsharing service. You already have the cars, and you already have the know-how to maintain them. Take your aging pre-owned inventory and put it to work in a carsharing service. Or lease and operate a new fleet for your carsharing offering. Either way, you’ll jump into the new mobility business and gain a new way to generate revenue.

End to end technology

Ridecell makes it easy to get started. Our end-to-end software solution and ready-made app are waiting for your brand. The Ridecell Fleet Ops wrangles your service department and vehicle logistics team to clean and maintain the vehicles, so they’re in the best possible condition for your carsharing customers. If you’re centrally located, make the fleet available from your own lot. Otherwise, set up a free-floating service that lets customers pick up and drop off the car anywhere within a pre-defined part of the city or metro area.

Learn more about carsharing services on the Ridecell platform.

What gives us (and you) the competitive advantage?

With the Ridecell platform, you’ll benefit from the following:

Dealer Proven

Already in use by one of the top automotive dealer groups in North America, the Ridecell platform is optimized for the needs of auto dealerships.

Highest Profitability

Highest profitability
Ridecell customers enjoy the industry’s highest profitability, including the highest utilization metrics and the highest customer satisfaction.

Business freedom

Business freedom
Ridecell supports the widest range of service offerings— from ridesharing to station-based and free-floating carsharing—making it easy to start with one and add more as your business evolves.

True partnership

True partnership
Ridecell works hand in hand with you to define an offering that leverages your brand, your fleet management infrastructure, and whatever other unique capabilities you bring to the table.

Start with carsharing, expand your offering,
& prepare for the self-driving future.