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It’s time for no-contact test drives and short commitment offerings


Offer vehicles with shorter-term commitments

Loaner app

Provide “no-contact” scheduled test drives and service loaner vehicles


Put aging pre-owned inventory to work as carshare vehicles

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Offer vehicles with short-term commitments.

Reach more potential customers during this time of economic uncertainty.

With the current state of the economy, the car-buying public is becoming more hesitant to commit to a vehicle purchase or even to a multi-year lease. But at the same time, there is a growing need for the control and safety of private vehicle use versus the risks involved with public transit. Use the Ridecell mobility platform to adapt to this market by offering a greater range of options—like weekly or monthly vehicle packages. Further remove barriers to entry by providing a complete turnkey solution: one without the headaches of finding and negotiating insurance or managing maintenance.

Ridecell is the leading platform for shared mobility. We’ve worked some of the biggest names in mobility to provide rock-solid services in a number of ways. And now, our platform is able to scale from renting vehicles by the hour or day to providing them for weeks, or even months. Leverage Ridecell software and hardware technology along with our ecosystem—including insurance partnerships—to establish short-term commitment vehicle programs that suit your customers’ changing needs. All the while, helping you to learn to reach new customers in new ways.

Adapt to COVID-19 with no-contact dealer experiences.

Automate test drives and loaner car reservations

Branded App

There is no question, dealerships need to adapt quickly to a world with COVID-19. From taking a car for a test drive to driving just the right one home, customers are expecting solutions that keep them healthy and safe. Unfortunately, traditional test drive and service loaner experiences all require close contact, manually handing over driver’s licenses, credit cards and insurance paperwork. With the Ridecell mobility platform, you can now provide automated access to test drives and service loaner vehicles in a safe, secure, and modern way.

Use shared mobility technology to sell and service more cars.

Ridecell provides a mobility platform that powers self-service customer experiences. With many dealerships still closed for shelter in place, test drives will be able to be scheduled and automated entirely from a mobile app, without the need for a sales associate to accompany a customer. Service appointments can be streamlined without the need for physical keys to be exchanged for the loaner vehicle. Customers simply use their phone and your app to unlock a loaner and drive away from the service appointment.

App Connected

How does it work?

Ridecell provides the app with your branding and all the infrastructure to power the service. When the customer downloads your app, they’ll be prompted to take a selfie and to take pictures of their driver’s license, and credit card. The Ridecell platform checks that the license is valid and that the driver has a satisfactory driving record. The platform also verifies the credit card. If all is well, the customer is approved to drive one of your vehicles.

Self service

Your customer then uses the app to choose a car and a time slot for their test drive. When the customer arrives on your lot, the app directs them to the vehicle and enables them to unlock and start the car. With a push of a button or a key, the customer is off and driving. You can allow them to drive the car for some number of free minutes or some number of free miles, beyond which you can charge them for any extra minutes or miles. (It’s totally up to you how to structure the service.) When the customer returns the car to the lot, they use the app to end their test drive and to lock the car.

This same on-demand convenience works for loaner cars as well. Your service customers can reserve a loaner while their car is being serviced, offering speedier—and safer—checkout times since there’s no need to fill out paperwork or verify their driver’s license.

Create your next profit center.

Establish your own branded carsharing service.

Fleet Management

Creating opportunity

The mobility revolution provides new opportunities at every level of the industry. As today’s automotive brands are experimenting with direct-to-consumer carsharing businesses, you may wonder if you’re being cut out of the picture. On the contrary, now is the perfect time to develop your own on-demand carsharing service. You already have the cars and the staff and equipment to maintain them. Take your aging pre-owned inventory and put it to work in a carsharing service. Use your dealership real estate to set up a bank of vehicles that you rent to gig economy workers by the week. Or rent parking spaces in denser areas and make your vehicles available to rent by the hour or day. With Ridecell, you can choose to put extra cars and lease returns into service—making revenue while they wait to be sold.

End to end technology

Get started

Ridecell makes it easy to get started. Our end-to-end software solution and ready-made app are waiting for your brand, or integrate your new offerings within your existing customer app. And to make sure your fleet is always clean and ready to go, use Ridecell Fleet Ops to coordinate your service department and vehicle logistics teams to clean and maintain your vehicles. This way your customers–and potential buyers–are always safe while they seamlessly enjoy the most positive experience with your vehicles. By bringing a broader range of services to your market, you are addressing the needs of a larger base of customers while establishing a valuable long term connection with your brand.

Learn more about carsharing services on the Ridecell platform.

What gives us (and you) the competitive advantage?

With the Ridecell platform, you’ll benefit from the following:

Dealer Proven

Already in use by one of the top automotive dealer groups in North America, the Ridecell platform is optimized for the needs of auto dealerships.

Highest Profitability

Highest profitability
Ridecell customers enjoy the industry’s highest profitability, including the highest utilization metrics and the highest customer satisfaction.

Business freedom

Business freedom
Ridecell supports the widest range of service offerings— from ridesharing to station-based and free-floating carsharing—making it easy to start with one and add more as your business evolves.

True partnership

True partnership
Ridecell works with you to define an offering that leverages your brand, your fleet management infrastructure, and any other unique capabilities you bring to the table.

A suite of solutions to optimize the fleets of today – and tomorrow.

Short-term Offerings

Create short-term programs for customers not ready to commit to a vehicle purchase or long-term lease.

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Innovate with free-floating or station-based services. Add advanced features, including scheduled rentals.

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Make your fleet more productive with the addition of ridesharing and ride pooling services.

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Fleet Ops

Run shared fleets with the highest level of operations efficiency.

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Get started with short term vehicle programs and no-contact test drives, expand your offering with carsharing.