The New Mobility Cloud

May 31st, 2018 | by Aarjav Trivedi, CEO and founder | Posted in: Insight on Things

Mobility Cloud

Over the past nine years, Ridecell has been paving the way for businesses to get started in the new mobility market. Today, we are strengthening our leadership position by introducing the Ridecell new mobility cloud. Moving beyond a standalone offering, we’ve evolved the Ridecell platform into a complete mobility cloud with powerful tools for transportation innovators.

In the same way that enterprises choose AWS, Google, and Azure cloud platforms as the underpinnings of their products, new mobility service providers can rely on the Ridecell mobility cloud to quickly create and deliver consumer value. Our rich suite of carsharing, ridesharing, and autonomous mobility cloud services allow Ridecell customers—and Ridecell partners—to enhance and differentiate their services in a rapidly changing transportation market.

New Mobility APIs

New Ridecell APIs open up opportunities for innovation that extend standard platform functionality. For instance, carsharing and ridesharing client APIs offer new ways to reserve cars and request rides. Voice interfaces, new mobile experiences, and web-based experiences can tap into a single mobility cloud. Transportation service providers can use Ridecell white-label apps, or create their own unique app experiences based on Ridecell client APIs. They can even permit their vehicles to be discovered, reserved, and rented from another provider’s app. For example, a train reservation and ticketing app can allow users to reserve carshares at their destination—all via the Ridecell cloud.

Tools for Today’s New Mobility Leaders

Ridecell APIs represent a powerful tool for customers who deploy services based on our platform. In addition, providers of new mobility services not built on Ridecell can use platform components to enhance and differentiate their offerings. As the carsharing market evolves, these best-of-breed components will be critical to driving efficiencies and business success.

Ridecell today announced our $28.61 million Series B round, with funding from many investors who’ve recently joined the new mobility revolution. These strategic investors include Tier-1 automotive OEMs, automotive dealerships, vehicle service providers, and integrated transportation vendors.

Ridecell Mobility Cloud

For example:

DENSO Corporation, a Tier-1 global automotive supplier, is focusing on developing hardware and services to make vehicles ready for the new mobility cloud.

Ridecell continues to build momentum as the leading carsharing and ridesharing platform. Their strategic vision now extends to aggregating a complete eco-system of service providers, enabling new mobility services to quickly launch and efficiently adapt their products for unique markets worldwide. DENSO is very excited to be both a critical technological contributor to this mobility eco-system, as well as an investor in Ridecell. Our multi-layer partnership will enhance the position of both companies in next-generation transportation services.
Rob Wunsche, Director, Technology Planning and New Mobility,
DENSO International America, Inc.

Penske and Mitsui are exploring solutions to leverage the changing transportation services landscape, including the importance of identifying and developing new urban mobility services as part of Penske’s core business model. 

As transportation services continue to evolve, Penske recognizes the importance of offering mobility services as part of its core business model. Our strategic partnership with Ridecell will help us further identify and develop new mobility services to enhance our business.
Roger S. Penske, Chairman of Penske Corporation

With a global portfolio in the automotive business, Mitsui recognizes the markets rapid adoption of new mobility services. Ridecell is clearly positioned as a leader in this strategic emerging marketplace. Our decision to invest in Ridecell reflects our commitment to MaaS, including the possibility of autonomous ridesharing and carsharing, which Mitsui sees as the preeminent transportation technology and service of the emerging century.
Yoshimi Namba, SVP, Mitsui & Co., USA

The new mobility community is at the beginning of an exciting era of innovation—one that will eventually transform how the world consumes transportation. At Ridecell, we’re proud to be part of the journey.


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