The proven ridesharing platform with intelligent operations at its core

Serviced more than 20 million rides

Active commercial rideshare deployments since 2009

More than doubled ridership without increasing fleet and staff


Automated and ready to hit the road

Ridecell offers the only new mobility platform that delivers both carsharing and ridesharing services. Launch one service by itself, or operate both services using a single fleet of vehicles. Our platform and our team benefit from years of experience powering the Summon ridesharing service as well as more than 15 ridesharing programs on corporate and university campuses.

Ridesharing your way

With our deep experience in ridesharing, we understand one size never fits all. We’ll work with you to define a unique offering, and our flexible platform will support the configuration(s) you choose.


On-demand scheduled rental

On-demand and/or scheduled rides
Provide both on-demand and scheduled rides.


Ridesharing pooled

Individual and/or pooled rides
Support private and pooled rides.


New mobility

Resource reservation models
Reserve bike racks and car seats or request special assistance.


Ridesharing geofence

Corporate or consumer rides
Constrain to geofenced areas or provide service wherever desired.

Riders, drivers, and everything in between

The Ridecell mobility platform is a complete Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution and requires no proprietary hardware. Our turnkey ridesharing package includes a rider app experience, a driver app experience, and an automated dispatch and operations center. So you’ll have everything you need to launch a full-featured ridesharing service—and keep tabs on it as you go.

Rider app

Rider app experience

Tap a button, summon a ride
A mobile app, a website, and an automated hotline serve all your riders, regardless of communication preferences.

Real-time tracking
The app provides rider/vehicle pickup info, and a dynamic map allows riders to keep track of where they are.

Short wait times
Best-match algorithms use rider and driver locations, available seating, and other factors to minimize wait times.

Your brand
Make your app your own by tailoring the rider app experience with the look and feel of your brand.

Driver app experience

Automated rider matching and demand balancing
Drivers are matched with riders and receive guidance on the most efficient routing.

Smooth rider interaction
Drivers see personalized rider info, such as assistance needs and temperature or music preferences, in advance of pickup.

No-hassle payment handling
Cloud-based payments provide a no-hassle experience for both driver and rider.

Driver app

Intelligent operations

Our operations platform brings it all together — automatically.


Rideharing onboarding

End-to-end business essentials
Ridecell automates rider onboarding, ID verification, demand-supply balancing, single sign-on access, and even referral programs and promotions.


Automated dispatch

Automated dispatch
Ride dispatches and driver-rider matching are automatic—no human intervention required.


Ridesharing payment

Seamless payment handling and dynamic pricing
Smart algorithms set prices dynamically, and the platform processes all rider payments, including damage charges.


Marketing Integration

Analytics and insights
Real-time analytics provide valuable insights that enable you to address customer needs and operate more efficiently.

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