Intelligent operations for autonomous fleets

Autonomous Operations

Automate management of your driverless fleet


Coordinate cleaning and maintenance


Alert your fleet to emergency conditions


Prepare for autonomous mobility services

The self-driving revolution is already under way. But it’s no small challenge to move from autonomous vehicle technology to autonomous service delivery.

Ridecell provides the missing piece of the autonomous service puzzle. You teach vehicles how to drive. We teach them how to manage their own cleaning, maintenance, and emergency conditions. Our autonomous operations platform provides end-to-end functionality for management of driverless fleets and driverless ridehailing. Equipped with advanced controls and intelligent alerts, the Ridecell platform can connect your new mobility service with vendors who’ll keep your autonomous vehicles fueled up, clean, and in top shape—ensuring your cars are operational throughout the day and night.

And since Ridecell offers the only new mobility platform that works for both carsharing and ridesharing, it’s the perfect solution for transitioning services to driverless vehicles.

Driverless fleet management. Under the hood.

Already in use by leading self-driving technology companies, the Ridecell autonomous operations platform offers these advanced features:

Fleet monitoring

Real-time fleet monitoring
Keep tabs on your fleet and maximize vehicle uptime with integrated alerts and automated response to service requirements.


End to end technology

End-to-end workflow management
Gain visibility into operational tasks, such as activating appropriate maintenance resources or directing vehicles as they return to active service requirements.

Fleet Management

Fleet maintenance flexibility
Enable management of multiple independent fleet maintenance services that are aligned to each of your operational markets.

Autonomous vehicle access

Vehicle access
Use smartphone and NFC–based authentication to allow operations and service personnel to access vehicles.

Emergency response

Emergency response
Send support for maintenance, repair, on-the-spot cleaning, or towing services in the event of breakdowns or weather-related issues.

Autonomous compliance

Compliance and reporting
Automate event-based reporting for local regulations while assuring data privacy compliance.

A system to match wits with your autonomous vehicles

From workflow management to real-time fleet management and automated alerts, Ridecell keeps your autonomous service running smoothly.

See Ridecell In Action

Autonomous fleet management

Autonomous ridehailing starts here

Autonomous ridehailing combines elements from today’s ridesharing and carsharing service models—and Ridecell has the only mobility platform that can do both. What’s more, our autonomous operations platform builds on experience from millions of rides, providing the ideal foundation for your autonomous ridehailing service.

Autonomous Ridehailing

The autonomous ecosystem. Ready when you are.

The Ridecell autonomous operations platform is already up and running. In addition to pilot programs and commercial use by leading industry innovators, the platform is also available through Auro, Ridecell’s autonomous driving division. Whether you need to manage your self-driving fleet operations or are looking for help with your autonomous mobility strategy, Ridecell has the real-world experience to help.

Fleet management

Autonomous Operations
Manage your driverless fleet
Direct and monitor your fleet while connecting your service with the right vendors who will keep your autonomous vehicles charged, clean, and in top shape.

Auro Autonomous Driving Division

Autonomous Driving Division
Launch your own autonomous vehicles
Self-driving solutions for college campuses, corporate parks, residential communities, and other private-road settings.
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