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The carsharing solution that grows your business

Launching a carsharing service is straightforward. Growing a carsharing business profitably is hard. Ridecell offers the world’s leading carsharing platform, allowing you to scale from pilot deployments to profitable multi-city services. Choose from a variety of business models, including ridesharing and even autonomous vehicle integration. With Ridecell as your strategic new mobility partner, you’ll be ready for the future of transportation.

Designed for profitability

Ridecell does more than launch new mobility services. We help them thrive.

Car Sharing Expertise
Benefit from our expertise
Ridecell has been operating new mobility services since 2009. Today we’re powering services for some of the world’s top OEMs. As the only platform provider with both carsharing and ridesharing experience, Ridecell is uniquely able to help you design the most complete service offering. Our expert launch team will guide you from service concept through successful launch.

Car Share Ecosystem
Grow with the right partners
Running a carsharing offering involves more than choosing a platform, buying cars, and marketing the service to consumers. It requires a tightly orchestrated set of industry ecosystem services. That’s why Ridecell partners with leading insurance providers, carsharing hardware vendors, CRM vendors, and fleet operations companies—connecting your service to a universe of capabilities.

Car Share Future
Look towards the future
Ridecell offers the only new mobility platform that scales from today’s driven mobility services to tomorrow’s autonomous experiences. Our platform lets you launch carsharing today with the confidence that you can easily integrate self-driving vehicles into your fleet when the time is right. Since Ridecell powers both ridesharing and carsharing, you’ll be ready for the autonomous opportunities of the future.

A full spectrum of carsharing business models

The Ridecell platform enables your choice of free-floating and station-based carsharing. Or choose a hybrid solution to best meet your customers’ needs. Trips can be on-demand as well as scheduled in advance.


Free-floating carsharing
Build demand (and your brand) faster.
Achieve more coverage and establish a wider footprint with one-way, free-floating carsharing. Let customers pick up and drop off their carshare vehicle anywhere in a specified area.

Car rental

Station-based carsharing
Offer predictability to roundtrip customers.
With station-based carshare rentals, your roundtrip drivers will have a dedicated, dependable spot to pick up and return their car.

End-to-end carsharing solution

The Ridecell mobility platform is a complete software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. The hardware-agnostic platform includes both a mobile app for your customers and an operations system for your team. Using our cloud-based command center, you’ll have everything you need to handle day-to-day and on-the-spot service operations.

Complete Carsharing Solution

Software that matches any hardware
The Ridecell platform was designed to be hardware-agnostic to work with built-in OEM hardware as well as aftermarket telematics solutions. That means you’ll have the freedom to choose the hardware that’s best for your vehicles and your business. Ridecell provides you a strategic advantage—no matter what hardware you choose.

Effortless consumer app experience

Put your own branded carsharing app into the hands of your customers.

White Label

Your app, your brand
Customize the white-label Ridecell app (for both iOS and Android) with your branded look and feel. Or use our APIs to create your own or integrate carsharing into your existing consumer mobile or web experience.

Rideharing onboarding

Fast driver onboarding
The app automates verification of driver’s license, driving record, and payment method. Your customers can sign up and start using your service in just a few simple steps.

Carshare Reservation

Easy reservation and rental
Your customers use the app to locate nearby vehicles and to select one to reserve. Once they arrive at the car, the app enables keyless entry and start, so they can be on their way within minutes.

Carshare Payment

Seamless, automated payments
The Ridecell platform handles all your billing needs—from normal usage fees to special invoices for damage and other events. This ensures secure payment best practices, integrating Transaction Risk Management Systems (TRMS) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards.

Carshare Privacy

Privacy compliance
We take great care to adhere to regional data privacy requirements. Our built-in measures, including compliance according to regional requirements such as GDPR, ensures your customers’ privacy is respected and protected.

Total operational control

The cloud-based Ridecell platform combines powerful management capabilities in a convenient interface.

Administrative Controls
Administrative controls
With Ridecell, you’ll have one operational system with multiple functions. Set access levels for different teams—from customer support to fleet management to marketing (and even third-party suppliers)—so they can manage their work on the same portal.

Share Analytics
Real-time analytics
Valuable data insights about fleet utilization, customer patterns, and demand-supply balancing enable you to drive efficiencies, allocate vehicles for higher utilization, and satisfy customer demand.

Share Fleet Opps
Fleet operations and optimization
Real-time information—including vehicle monitoring, proactive alerts, service area management, ticket management, and vehicle damage reports—allows you to optimize fleet management according to your unique KPIs.

Car Share Ecosystem
Powerful marketing integration
Manage your marketing promotions, measure the impact of your campaigns, and tie performance directly back to your service.

A suite of solutions to optimize the fleets of today – and tomorrow.

Short-term Offerings

Create short-term programs for customers not ready to commit to a vehicle purchase or long-term lease.

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Innovate with free-floating or station-based services. Add advanced features, including scheduled rentals.

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Make your fleet more productive with the addition of ridesharing and ride pooling services.

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Fleet Ops

Run shared fleets with the highest level of operations efficiency.

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