Conveniently meet the demand for your trucks and vans wherever – and whenever – that may be

More revenue opportunity

Pick up and return

Less need of operational staff

The Ridecell commercial vehicle rental platform

Bring your truck and van fleets into the digital, on-demand age

Truck and van rentals don’t need to remain tied to the traditional rental counter experience. Allow customers to pick up their truck at any time of day or night, or opt to have their vehicle rental delivered. With the Ridecell commercial vehicle rental platform, we provide the software and expertise needed to turn your rental fleet into a self-service fleet where customers reserve, access, and return the truck all without needing to interact with employees or visit a rental counter. Let customers get a jump on traffic and start their rental at 4am while your staff remains asleep at home. Simplify the booking process with a complete app-based reservation and scheduling process. Streamline the vehicle return process, allowing customers to return the vehicles and end the reservation—all done conveniently right from the app.

Expand your fleet reach with trucks located in more locations. Rather than opening up another office and rental counter, park your fleet in downtown locations in rented parking spaces. Additionally, keep your fleet dynamically adjusted to meet demand. Whether it’s seasonal demand at college campuses, or an unexpected demand for delivery vehicles, locate your fleet where your customers need them. Or, for a premium upcharge, offer vehicle delivery as an option to reach more customers.

And with the power of our fleet automation and management platform built in, know that the data about your trucks, drivers, vehicle location and even service history will all be working together in concert to automatically keep your fleet safe and running at peak performance.


The Ridecell commercial vehicle rental platform

The Ridecell platform automates workflows for your checkout, return and repair processes—allowing your customers the ability to pick up and return vehicles at any time, day or night. They will certainly appreciate no longer wasting time in lines or stressing to return a vehicle before closing time. And you’ll appreciate increased revenue and reduced cost by offering flexible pricing and packages with very little employee action required. All the while, your operations will meet a higher standard of security by automatically checking motor vehicle records and cross-checking watchlists before a rental is made.

The platform is deeply connected to your trucking fleet and is able to control vehicle access and even immobilize the vehicle should the need arise. If your customers are delinquent and not responding to payment notices, safely immobilize the vehicle until the account is no longer in arrears. For stolen vehicles, also use the system to immobilize it until the authorities arrive.

With the Ridecell solution for commercial vehicles, you also get a built-in fleet operations platform which lets you automate and manage all worker tasks for keeping your fleet in the right place and in the right condition. The platform lets you manage the scheduled delivery of vehicles, and computes the optimal place to stage your fleet on a daily basis. It even tracks maintenance schedules by vehicle so your fleet will stay maintained in top operational condition.

Looking to integrate these features into your own existing app? Use our SDK and mobility APIs. The platform is extensible, so you can leverage the technical teams and business systems you have in place. Or choose to work with us on an app that can be customized to be an integral part of your brand experience.


Customers download the app and verify their driver’s license and credit information. Corporate accounts log in as a corporate employee.


Customers go straight to the vehicle and use the app to begin the reservation. Behind the scenes, the system does a real time MVR and watchlist check to ensure the driver is still qualified to rent the vehicle.


Pick up
When the customer arrives at the lot, they go straight to the truck or van and unlock the vehicle with their app. They enter the vehicle and start their reservation completely from their phone.


Customers view their past and current reservations, extend their reservation, report damage and even talk to service agents, all from within the app.


When finishing the reservation, customers return the vehicle to the designated lot, and lock it with the app and click “end reservation”. That’s it!

One Way Rentals

One way rentals
Offer vehicles that can be returned to different pre-selected parking lots.

Round Trip Rentals

Round trip rentals
Offer different pricing structure for rentals that begin and end at the same location.

End-to-end truck and van fleet mobility platform

The Ridecell mobility platform is a complete software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution—including both a mobile app for your customers and an operations system for your team. Using our cloud-based command center, you’ll have everything you need to digitize your fleet and integrate patchworked, siloed systems to increase the value of your fleet offerings. Use the system to automate day-to-day and on-the-spot service operations. Use the digital key control to manage who can use the vehicle, and the immobilizer for when you need to shut down the trucks. And by using our SDK and APIs, you will be able to integrate our offering into your back-end platforms and even into your customer facing website and mobile apps.

Complete Carsharing Solution

Software that matches any hardware
Designed from the outset as a hardware-agnostic platform, the Ridecell mobility platform works with multiple aftermarket telematics solutions. You’ll have the freedom to choose the hardware that’s best for your vehicles and your business. Ridecell provides you a strategic advantage— no matter what hardware you choose.

A suite of solutions to optimize the fleets of today – and tomorrow.

Short-term Offerings

Create short-term programs for customers not ready to commit to a vehicle purchase or long-term lease.

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Innovate with free-floating or station-based services. Add advanced features, including scheduled rentals.

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Make your fleet more productive with the addition of ridesharing and ride pooling services.

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Fleet Ops

Run shared fleets with the highest level of operations efficiency.

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Interested in upgrading your truck and van fleet to a 24-hour app-based experience?