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With car rentals, every minute counts – for you and your customers

Corporate ground transportation spending on ridehailing in 2016

(Certify, SpendSmart™ Report)

28% of corporate travelers reported a drop in traditional car rentals

(Association of Corporate Travel Executives)

Q1 2017 corporate spending on car rental fell 9% vs. Q1 2016

(Certify, SpendSmart™ Report)

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Transportation is changing. It’s time for rental car companies to change, too.

More than ever before, today’s consumers rely on their smartphones to navigate their busy lives. There’s an app for everything, including on-demand transportation. And while traditional car rentals may continue to hold steady in terms of transactions and revenue, we are beginning to see the transition from rental services to new mobility services—and with it, the erosion of the core vehicle rental business.

What impact will this transition have on rental car companies? With the near-ubiquitous availability of ridesharing services, why would an air traveler bother with a shuttle to a remote car rental lot? Why wouldn’t they have a driver pick them up at the curb and deliver them straight to their destination—skipping navigation and driving hassles altogether? Carsharing is also an attractive option. With vehicles conveniently parked in residential neighborhoods and urban areas, carsharing services can meet the demand for by-the-minute or by-the-mile transportation, rather than daily rentals.

Ready to compete in the new era of on-demand transportation? With a ready fleet of vehicles and well-established fleet management expertise, car rental companies are in an excellent position to innovate with new mobility service models—for example, offering the convenience of ridesharing with counterless transactions and valet-style delivery. All that’s missing is a platform to run them.

Take advantage of the on-demand economy

Ridecell offers a complete new mobility platform that enables rental car companies to get started in the on-demand market—extending into carsharing and even ridesharing—with very little internal IT development.

End to end technology


Launch services quickly with a SaaS offering that covers every aspect of your new mobility operations.

Multiservice capabilities

Multiservice capabilities

Use your existing fleet for carsharing services, and add on ridesharing using the same fleet of vehicles.

Fleet Management

Fleet management

Keep vehicles in top condition. Ridecell Fleet Ops monitors vehicles for issues and automates dispatch whenever a vehicle needs maintenance or cleaning.

Machine Learning

Machine learning

Add state-of-the-art AI and machine learning to ensure vehicles are always in the best place for the next driver or rider.

Car Rental Ecosystem

Ecosystem integration

Build on Ridecell’s expertise and partnerships to benefit from proven solutions for vehicle hardware, insurance, and other service elements.

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The Ridecell platform provides a fast and easy way for car rental companies to get started in the new mobility market. Built on years of experience powering transportation innovations, our scalable, production-ready solution enables car rental agencies to get into the service market quickly, operate efficiently, and be positioned for the future.

Ridecell Platform Benefits

How does Ridecell give you a competitive advantage?

Car Rental High Profitability

High profitability

Ridecell customers experience the highest profitability in the industry, including leading utilization metrics and the best consumer experience.

Car Rental Business Freedom

Business freedom

Which services will be best down the road in different markets? Supporting 10 new mobility services, from ridesharing to station-based and free-floating carsharing, Ridecell is the platform on which your business can evolve and grow.

Car Market Strength

Tap into our strength

Launch a new mobility service with your own branded app and our comprehensive back end. Build on the work of the best minds in the industry, and leverage Ridecell professional services for your brand-specific extensions.

True Partnership

True partnership

Ridecell works hand-in-hand with you to define an offering that leverages your unique strengths, your brand, and your in-house fleet management capabilities.

You’ve built trust with your customers.
It’s time to build delight.