How Cities Use Vehicle Pool Efficiencies to Meet Environmental Goals

August 1st, 2022 | by Stacey Papp, Director, Content | Posted in: Insight on Things

Fleet Vehicle Operator Utilizing Keyless Vehicle Access Technology

New York City has already taken big steps to control costs, right-size its fleet, and cut back on its carbon footprint using cutting-edge technology. Digital transformation has propelled organization-wide improvements for the city’s fleet operations, taking a huge step toward creating a more efficient and sustainable community.

Mayor Eric Adams recently announced a reduction of 855 vehicles, which amounts to 4% of the total fleet. Those vehicles represent 5.13 million fewer miles driven each year and a reduction of 2,072 metric tons in carbon dioxide emissions.

We want to encourage New Yorkers to get out of their cars and use alternative forms of transportation—and the city must lead by example.

– New York City Mayor Eric Adams

The city has committed to leading by example in its municipal operations with the goal of reaching carbon neutrality in its on-road, non-emergency fleet by 20401. The move will enable NYC to provide the same level of governmental services while saving nearly $14 million. It will also help create a smarter, more efficient fleet.

Digital transformation efforts can be incredibly beneficial to an organization’s fleet operations. A key part of that success is using the right motorpool technology, which can help bring about a wide array of improvements and benefits.

Motorpool management you can count on

Automated motorpool solutions that use keyless technology can help simplify and speed up everyday fleet operations. By using digital keys to facilitate both scheduled and on-demand vehicle use, the right motorpool tool provides two big advantages for fleets…

  1. They never need to hand out physical keys again. By using employee badges or smartphones as the vehicle key, all users have the same seamless experience of acquiring, driving and returning vehicles.
    When employees or drivers have greater visibility into vehicle availability and access to digital keys on-demand, they won’t need to take a vehicle out early in the day just to ensure they have one available to use after lunch.
  2. They’re able to schedule the most efficient way to utilize each and every vehicle. By getting more use and requiring fewer vehicles to service the employee base, they’re ultimately getting more done and increasing their bottom line.

Additionally, reductions in fleet assets can be made based on vehicle usage data across the entire organization. Removing any underutilized vehicles helps save on costs and lessen the fleet’s impact on the environment.

Everyone can reap the benefits

Using Motorpool app to unlock car

For businesses and municipalities who rely on drivers and vehicles to maintain daily operations, meeting goals, serving more customers, and managing fewer vehicles without negatively impacting productivity are top priorities. By embarking on a digital transformation journey using the right solutions, fleet-based businesses experience many benefits, including:

  1. Improved utilization: A fleet automation and mobility solution allows you to create one platform for your motorpool supervisors to work from. Use real-time monitoring and fleet analytics to improve vehicle availability, maximize utilization and take excess vehicles off the road.
  2. Added driver convenience: Heading to the dispatch location, searching for their vehicle, and dropping off keys—that’s a lot of wasted time for your drivers. A self-service reservation system through a desktop browser or mobile app lets drivers schedule a vehicle ahead of time or grab an available vehicle at the last minute. As an added bonus, if someone forgets to lock the car when they are done using it, the system can lock it automatically.
  3. Increased efficiency: Freeing up your staff improves motorpool management on several levels. Extra time spent means lost hours, productivity, and profits. Removing unnecessary time expenditures has serious cost benefits, and automating your fleet also helps maintain your organization’s presence in the community as reliable and efficient.

Motorpool technology not only digitizes and automates fleet management, but it can completely transform your fleet for the better. Vehicle utilization is much more efficient and convenient, security is enhanced, and organizations are able to realize significant cost savings. Through more efficient usage of the vehicle fleet, fewer vehicles are required, and the least environmentally friendly cars can be offboarded. Additionally, a greater data and analytics capability allows for helpful insights that can further optimize operations well into the future.

While every company, city or organization is different, having the people, processes and technology plan in place can get your fleet on the road to success. To learn more about Ridecell’s fleet automation and motorpool solutions, click here.

Author: Stacey Papp, Director, Content, Ridecell

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