Understanding the Power of Keyless Vehicle Access Technology

April 21st, 2022 | by Stacey Papp, Director, Content | Posted in: Insight on Things

Fleet Vehicle Operator Utilizing Keyless Vehicle Access Technology

Each day, thousands of vehicles hit the roadways to transport goods, make deliveries and provide services all with the same goal – to help our fast-paced world operate at the speed many of us have grown accustomed to. In 2020, over 11 million commercial vehicles were in operation in the US with 3.6 million licensed professional truck drivers behind the wheel – that’s a lot of activity happening on our road systems each day.

As we navigate the traffic we find ourselves in traveling to and from our destinations of choice, we don’t often stop and think about how those commercial drivers and vehicles are managed to ensure they get from Point A to Point B in the right vehicle, on the right day, at the right time.

Welcome to the world of keyless vehicle access technology. But how does it work, how do you find the right solution and most importantly, how do you set one up? Here’s everything you need to know.

Understanding keyless vehicle access technology

Keyless technology serves as a digital security system that allows drivers to unlock and lock the vehicle’s doors without a traditional key or any form of physical contact. This incredibly intuitive and intelligent form of technology senses the presence of the driver and the key fob device in their hand or pocket, granting them access to the vehicle – all they have to do is approach the vehicle and the doors unlock.

In the event a driver is departing the vehicle, keyless technology will automatically lock the doors when the engine is off, the doors are closed and the driver walks away, helping to ensure the safety of the vehicle, the driver and the goods being transported.

The intelligence behind the solution

The technology behind keyless entry works using radio signals emitted from the vehicle’s security system and the NFC (near-field communication) fob, or the Bluetooth connection from a smart device. Once the driver approaches the vehicle and attempts to open the door using the handle, the vehicle’s security system will send out a short radio signal, typically within three to five yards. If the fob or connected smart device is within the proper range, the doors will unlock.

Choosing the right system for your fleet

Keyless vehicle access systems come with many features and capabilities and are often chosen based on the needs and goals of the fleet. If cost efficiency is a top priority, a basic system with simple lock and unlock functionality is recommended. In the case where dollars aren’t a concern, investing in a higher quality system with more robust features, such as vehicle temperature control, is the way to go.

Regardless of the type of solution and its features, a reputable keyless vehicle access system should include multi-door locks, including the truck, Bluetooth connectivity to a smart device and an alarm system. Also, be sure to spend some time researching different types of keyless access systems to ensure it is compatible with all the vehicles in your fleet – if you are unsure, reach out to the vehicle’s manufacturer for confirmation.

The many benefits of keyless vehicle access technology

Of the many benefits of keyless vehicle access solutions, two float to the top of the list – security and compliance.


  • Control the “who, where and how” of vehicle accessibility – only the right people in the right places with the right digital keys can access a vehicle
  • Vehicle doors lock automatically when the driver walks away and unlock when the driver reapproaches the vehicle
  • Easily immobilize vehicles in the event of a security breach or a theft, alerting law enforcement immediately and reducing the time to recovery


  • Revoke access to unsafe and non-compliant vehicles
  • Better manage drivers attempting to continually operating vehicles with known safety issues
  • Stay on schedule with maintenance issues, easily repairing a problem before it comes serious
  • Adhere to state and federal-mandated compliance guidelines

How Ridecell helps

The Ridecell fleet automation and mobility platform includes the ability to utilize keyless technology to enhance fleet operations and increase control. Using our solution paired with a keyless technology system, you can easily see and remotely change the state of your vehicles directly from your mobile device. Our solution equips fleet managers and operators with the ability to:

  • Automatically issue digital keys to the right drivers and team members
  • Utilize a variety of vehicle access methods including NFC fobs and Bluetooth connections on smart devices
  • Digitally control your fleet using OEM-built connectivity and telematics solutions


For more information on keyless vehicle access technology and how Ridecell can help you digitally transform your fleet, click here.

Author: Stacey Papp, Director, Content Marketing, Ridecell

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