Starting a Shared Mobility Operation – 4 Key Advantages for Dealer’ Success

January 17th, 2020 | by Diptii Tiiku, Senior Director of Corporate Marketing | Posted in: Insight on Things

Dealer fleet success

We’ve all seen Shared Mobility operators come into the market and fail. Why? One of the reasons is they don’t share the key market entry attributes that every dealership already has. Dealers are in an enviable position of strength and can leverage a home-court advantage when it comes to launching a shared mobility business.

Why?  Here are just a few of these advantages:

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  1. Branding – Most new car dealers are branded with their OEM banner, often among the world’s most known, trusted, and valuable brands. This is a massive advantage as a starting point when establishing a shared vehicle operation.
  2. Local know-how and reputation – Most dealers are a community fixture in their local market. Customers already trust them for their transportation needs, giving dealers a natural advantage in Shared Mobility.
  3. Service / Maintenance/ Detailing – Dealers have long-established OEM trained service facilities that give dealers a natural opening and infrastructure for fleet maintenance, repairs, and cleaning. Detailing and sanitizing by dealers provides a worry-free experience in Cost-19 times.
  4. Customer lists – Established Dealers have a very substantial customer list and CRM practice that they can leverage when introducing a new Shared Mobility service.
  5. Sales Team – Dealers already have a team of people who know how to access and meet consumer transportation needs. The ability to expand to Shared Mobility is not hard, with the right train, preparation, and platform.

There’s no doubt that the best new Automotive Retail opportunities are in Shared Mobility.  Year over year sales are declining, and there’s a trend away from purchasing for younger Gen Z consumers. Dealers are in the right place to own the Shared Mobility business today and dominate the opportunity into the future.

Author: Diptii Tiiku, Senior Director, Corporate Marketing, Ridecell

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