Introducing the Ridecell Fleet Transformation Cloud

June 20th, 2023 | by Mark Thomas, EVP of Marketing and Alliances | Posted in: Insight on Things

Fleet management is complex. With several tasks, processes, and data points to manage, fleet managers find themselves buried in mountains of information that can ultimately lead to inaction and indecision. One of the first steps towards easing the challenging aspects of fleet management is implementing fleet management software. But with many platforms to choose from that may only solve one or two issues, fleet managers find themselves adding another task to their growing to-do list – managing fleet management systems.

Enter the Ridecell Fleet Transformation CloudTM, the world’s first cloud-based fleet management solution that simplifies fleet operations, maximizes utilization, and unlocks the big data insights needed to digitally transform fleet-based businesses. Here we take a look at the solutions that help fleets digitally transformation their operations and the four key foundational pillars of the Ridecell Fleet Transformation Cloud.

Three Key Solutions to Digitally Transformation Fleet Operations

Operations 360

Ridecell Operations 360: Revolutionizing Fleet Operations and Lifecycle Management

Ridecell Operations 360 enables businesses to easily automate fleet operations and lifecycle management for every phase of the vehicle’s lifecycle including sourcing, upfitting, operating and remarketing. Intelligent API integrations help fleets integrate their current existing IT and vendor systems, unifying real-time data for all vehicles within the fleet.

Ridecell Security

Ridecell Sustainability: Advancing Emission Reduction and Cost Efficiency

Ridcell Sustainability allows fleets to achieve significant reductions in emissions and fuel costs while prioritizing driver safety. For example, engine idle control minimizes unnecessary idling while meeting compliance and sustainability goals by intelligently locking and shutting off idling vehicles when required.

Ridecell Shared

Ridecell Mobility Solutions: Embrace the Future of Mobility

With built-in support for keyless access and automations for monetized fleets, Ridecell Mobility offers a modern user experience for all shared and rental vehicles. Integrated management processes allow vehicles to easily be exchanged from one service to another or participate in multiple service offerings simultaneously.

Unlocking the Four Key Foundational Pillars

Pillar #1:

Intelligent Automation

The Ridecell Fleet Transformation Cloud coordinates data coming from all your current systems to create automations that act on those insights, allowing fleet managers to deploy them as “digital workers” to manage routine, laborious and predictable fleet-related tasks. This means your fleet can do more without adding more by focusing on what matters most.

Pillar #2:

Keyless Vehicle Control

Your fleet is one of your most critical assets – and having full control over having the right driver in the right vehicle at the right time is the key to everything. The Ridecell Fleet Transformation Cloud combines powerful automated workflows with secure digital vehicle access, increasing fleet security and compliance while providing precise transparency into who is always behind the wheel.

• Automatically assign a driver to another vehicle without handling a physical key.
• Allow maintenance staff temporary access to vehicles – in the shop or in the field.
• Reduce the risk of theft while increasing the speed of asset recovery.
• Automatically lock a vehicle when the driver is away, unlocking it as they return.

Pillar #3:

Flexible Systems Integration

When it comes to managing your fleet, quickly and easily integrating with your existing internal systems and vendor platforms is one of the many important stops on the road to success. With the Ridecell Fleet Transformation Cloud, fleet-based businesses have access to a set of packaged components and developer tools that help connect vehicles, suppliers, and IT systems. This level of transparency provides the ability to easily see, interpret and act on the data coming from your vehicles and various systems, turning information into actions and strategies to improve overall fleet operations.

Pillar #4:

AI/ML Insights

With artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) shaping the way most businesses conduct day-to-day operations, leveraging the capabilities technology provides helps fleets navigate the next step in their digital transformation journey. The Ridecell Fleet Transformation Cloud brings those capabilities to the table in one single view, allowing your data to deliver smarter and more actionable insights.

“Historically, businesses with fleets have focused on implementing connected vehicle data and fleet management systems to digitize and unify fleet operations, but the steps required to implement these actions are mostly manual,” says Aarjav Trivedi, Ridecell President and CEO. “The Ridecell Fleet Transformation Cloud ushers in a new era of digital transformation by bringing intelligent automation to the operations and management of fleets. The solutions Ridecell provides deliver the ability for fleet management companies, last mile delivery companies and all fleet-driven businesses to see a clear picture of fleet operations using insights turned into action.”

Learn more about how the Ridecell Fleet Transformation Cloud can help navigate your fleet’s digital transformation and improve overall operations.

Mark Thomas, EVP of Alliances and Marketing, Ridecell

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