Ridecell Brings Automation to Fleets by Harnessing the Power of IoT

April 9th, 2021 | by Aarjav Trivedi, CEO and founder | Posted in: Insight on Things

Fleet IoT Automation

More than a decade ago, I founded Ridecell to create smarter mobility solutions and, to put it simply, move the world better. Our team has built a legacy in shared mobility that has helped our customers all over the world get the most out of their fleets. We have witnessed such an evolution in the last 10 years! Carsharing and ridesharing apps have made it possible for anyone with a smartphone to access needed transportation. Fleet and asset management software has been widely adopted, yielding vast amounts of data for fleet owners.

Still, progress needs to be made. Despite a focus on optimization, vehicles in top fleets sit idle every day. Even with an abundance of fleet insights available, drivers still find themselves behind the wheel of a vehicle with serious maintenance, compliance, or safety issues. Fleet owners have been adding more telematics and fleet management solutions but they still haven’t fixed the situation.

That is why Ridecell is leveraging our heritage in shared mobility and our expertise in creating fully digital fleets to officially launch Ridecell Fleet IoT Automation. This is the first and only platform of its kind that harnesses the power of IoT to use insights from vehicles and fleet systems to automatically control the resolution of issues. We build on insights from your existing telematics, internal IT systems, and fleet management solutions and turn them into triggers for automated workflows. If today’s systems are about generating better insights into the fleet condition, Fleet IoT Automation uses those insights to create “self-acting” fleets that dispatch the appropriate next steps and manage themselves, resolving issues automatically, quickly, and efficiently.

Imagine the ability to quickly solve some of the most common concerns for fleet owners today:

  • Too many fleet systems with data spread everywhere? Our Insight Manager integrates data insights from your connected fleet and in-house IT solutions to create a “single source of truth” and empower your data insights to become triggers for automated workflows.
  • Flat tire? Our Automated Workflows decipher a connected vehicle’s trouble code, decode and prioritize the flat tire alert, reassign the driver to a new vehicle and digitally issue a new key while simultaneously dispatching a repair crew to fix the tire.
  • Reclaim a stolen vehicle? Our Digital Vehicle Control uses security automation rules to automate corrective actions including automating vehicle access and remote digital immobilizer control to disable engine restarts for accounts that are delinquent, or for stolen vehicles.
  • Rent a vehicle during off-hours? Our Fleet IoT Solutions are complete packaged solutions optimized for your fleet type so you are able to grow the top line with new revenue streams made available through fleet digitalization as well as helping the bottom like with automation for cost savings and increased fleet uptime. 

Existing telematics solutions and management platforms make it possible to know what’s happening with your fleet, and that is useful. To fully automate your fleet’s response to what is happening, however, is revolutionary. That is what makes Ridecell’s platform unique.

We integrate data insights with digital vehicle control to turn today’s manual processes into automated workflows. That level of automation enables all of the operational decisions around your fleet of vehicles to be made without involving a human being. Our technology integrates seamlessly with a company’s existing ecosystem, including data and telematics providers, cloud and software platforms, and service vendors. We help create ‘self-optimizing fleets’ by unifying and converting data into integrated insights and automated actions. What’s more, we do it with a security-first approach that protects your fleet around the clock.

The financial impact for fleet owners is significant. Ridecell customers have increased revenue or productivity per vehicle and reduced cost per vehicle by double-digit percentages within a year. Perhaps even more important, we are creating a more sustainable approach to transportation, helping fleet businesses navigate a new world of mobility that is capable of adjusting to the changing needs of individuals today and tomorrow.

We’d love to help you find ways to better utilize your assets and create the fleet of the future. Contact us today and let us help you unlock the power of end-to-end automation and connectivity for your fleet.

Author: Aarjav Trivedi, CEO and Founder, Ridecell

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