Discovering The Many Benefits of Fleet Automation

April 6th, 2022 | by Stacey Papp, Director, Content | Posted in: Insight on Things

Discovering The Many Benefits of Fleet Automation

The once-unimaginable future of your fleet essentially running itself is officially here. Fleet automation is no longer just a pretty picture to envision; it’s a real power you can utilize to make strong changes to your fleet management operations.

Ridecell has built cutting-edge technological solutions to solve the common problems that all fleet operators face daily. Our fleet automation and mobility platform not only digitizes and automates fleet management processes but completely transforms your fleet operations for the better.

Below are eight benefits of a fleet management system that you will see when implementing a fleet automation solution as the cornerstone of your operations.

Fleet Data Insights on Computer

1. Gain valuable insights into your operations

The data that Ridecell obtains from sensory IT systems isn’t simply a string of futile numbers. You can use the platform to gain genuinely usable insights into how your fleet operates. Turn this data to your advantage by learning more about how you can coordinate operations more efficiently.

Our intelligent insight management system creates a “single source of truth” so you’re never critically unaware of what is working well and what isn’t. Fleet productivity has never felt so simplified.

Fleet Keyless Entry

2. Streamline your workflow

What were once labor-intensive and time-consuming workflow processes can now be taken care of automatically. Using data insights from both your vehicles and internal IT systems, actionable solutions can be initiated by automated workflows, rather than your busy staff.

Your staff are most valuable when time is freed up and stress is minimized. That’s why a fleet automation and mobility solution solves fleet issues rather than just simply reports them. Having real-time insights and alerts on vehicle status, delays, and available optimized routes is all about streamlining operations and increasing capacity.

Fleet Maintenance Alerts

3. Improve the safety of your drivers

The safety of your fleet drivers should always be a priority, no matter whether you use a fleet management system or not. With Ridecell, vehicle monitoring sensors can automate driving behavior reports for you, allowing you to assess and take matters into your own hands if need be.

Improving the reliability of your vehicles subsequently improves the safety of your drivers too. With the Ridecell platform, you can be notified whenever an engine light turns red to inform you to take the vehicle out of the pool and how to swiftly repair the diagnosed problem.

Improved Driver Performance

4. Improve driver performance

Personal driving behavior reports and real-time tracking can help you keep tabs on your drivers without having to directly micromanage. A fleet automation system offers up informative insights into how to improve a driver’s individual performance and ultimately improve the efficiency of your entire workflow too. Increased visibility means drivers have no choice but to take accountability for any human errors they make.

The types of insights you can utilize include but are not limited to safe driving reports, route deviation reports, mileage reports. The more you know about your drivers’ performance, the better you can manage their capabilities.

Increase Fuel Efficiency

5. Improve your fuel efficiency

The price of fuel is one of the biggest costs any fleet business faces. That’s why switching to an automated fuel management system will significantly improve your fuel efficiency and minimize the risks of fuel fraud. In fact, 55% of fleet businesses say they benefited from reduced fuel costs once they switched to an automated telematics system.

Not only does transparent fleet management automation deter drivers from speeding and driving uneconomically, but having access to automated fuel consumption system reports also prevents fuel fraud by keeping tabs on exactly how much drivers are genuinely spending.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

6. Make your customers happier

Managing a fleet automation platform not only increases driver safety, but also helps improve customer satisfaction too. Improving the efficiency of your backstage fleet operations will result in significant improvements to the front-of-house service you give customers too.

Automated insights will offer actionable suggestions on how to better manage your time and effort, ultimately freeing up more opportunities to develop the quality of your customer service. What’s more, you’ll have access to trackable insight data on things like whether the driver was speeding, whether there were delays, and whether the driver took an optimized route. Having one eye on these important factors that sway satisfaction will give you better control over your customer retention rates.

Increase Fleet Vehicle Lifespan

7. Improve the lifespan of your vehicles

Your vehicles are an asset to your business – they should be looked after and maintained to the highest possible standard. The Ridecell fleet automation and mobility platform provides you with all the data and information you need to identify a maintenance issue and fix it as soon as possible.

By using DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes), fleet automation allows the vehicle to essentially know how to repair itself. For example, the detection alert of a blown headlight can automatically order a new bulb for the next morning.

Improve Fleet ROI

8. Reduce your overall costs

A digitalized and more convenient fleet automation solution means more revenue for you. These profits are gained simply from the effortless coordination that automated processes bring. However, there’s two other main cost reductions that come with a fleet management system: reduced maintenance costs and reduced labor costs. Maintenance costs can be lowered by automatic alerts and solutions helping you deal with vehicle issues in a timely and cost-effective manner.

And likewise, increased visibility and tracking of your driver performance (including automatic timesheets) can help pick out fraudulent or underperforming employees. It’s all about avoiding unnecessary costs caused by performance issues or wasted opportunities.


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Author: Stacey Papp, Director, Content Marketing, Ridecell

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