Understand your High-yield mobility service and automate decision-making

Increase utilization by 50% or more

Turn what was $25 in repositioning costs into $10 of income

Target customers by segment to grow rentals by 33%

Data driven mobility

Driven by data

Using our data platform, Developer Toolkit, and integrated 3rd party services, our intelligent end-to-end infrastructure helps automate the key aspects of running a successful high-yield shared mobility operation. From onboarding to marketing promotions, from shared fleet maintenance to up-to-the-minute business intelligence, Ridecell keeps you on track to profitability. See Ridecell in Action.

Data fuels business growth and profitability

Equipped with deep expertise in mobility patterns and machine learning, we’re building technology that will automate transportation flows from end to end — for carsharing, ridehailing and micro-mobility today to self-driving services tomorrow.


Rich data set

Rich data set
The Ridecell platform integrates data from multiple streams, including the app, vehicle telematics, operational data, mapping, and parking information. The data is securely reviewed for redundancy and normalized and archived in real time.


Analytics + analysis

Analytics + analysis
You can track the pulse of your service – rentals, revenue, fleet status, promo uptake and more – using operations center dashboards. Visualization drives business insight and action, supported by Ridecell’s team of customer success managers.


Prediction and decision engines

Prediction and decision engines
Apply machine learrning with AI to analyze past behavior and recognize patterns in use, vehicle distribution, and even credit risk. Our prediction and decision engines recommend and execute optimal actions for service profitability. Learn more.



Real-time application

Real-time application
Our intelligent platform incorporates decision engine capability into marketing, financial and operational workflows. In addition, our developer toolkit, easily and securly integrates processed data with your in-house or 3rd party marketing, operations and business systems.

Secure and private

The Ridecell platform is built to meet the most demanding security needs of connected mobility applications. It supports a GDPR compliant framework, with configurable privacy preference options and user data rights management. It also supports SOC compliance and integrates with Transaction Risk Management Systems (TRMS) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards.

Ridecell data platform

Fine-tune service operations with the Ridecell data platform. Access a near real-time feed of service operations events including member activity, vehicle telematics and operations data. Easily integrate the data feed into your business systems, facilitating customized marketing automation, business intelligence and mobile analytics.

Turning data into business workflow builds the path to profitability

The data engine, machine learning and AI elements of the Ridecell platform ensure that
the vehicles in the fleet are always in the right place at the right time, and clean and priced to move.


Drive growth

Drive growth
Drive user acquisition and increased engagement. Automatically segment your members by usage histories and apply these insights to marketing promotions to decrease acquistion costs and increase customer lifetime value.


Optimize Supply + Demand

Optimize supply + demand
Increase vehicle utilization and decrease OPEX with data insights. Customer patterns, spatio-temporal analysis, and price elasticity assessments provide needed insight for driving higher utilization. Demand-supply balancing and crowdsourcing efforts help drive down OPEX.


Manage Risk

Manage risk
Automate monitoring of transactions and flag suspicious activities to detect fraud and reduce risk in real-time. Behavioral analytics detect atypical patterns and flag these users — allowing real-time risk identification and response.

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