Tesloop Announces One-way Tesla Rentals Between Los Angeles and Las Vegas and Los Angeles and San Diego

November 19th, 2019 | Posted in: In The News, Press Releases

Tesloop Chooses Ridecell Fleet Ops to Ensure Customers Experience a Clean, Charged Vehicle with Valet Service that Delivers the Car to the Right Place, On-time

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., November 19, 2019Tesloop, a Tesla fleet car sharing company, and Ridecell Inc., the leading platform provider for shared and autonomous mobility operators, today announced Tesloop’s new one-way Tesla car sharing service between Los Angeles and Las Vegas, adding to its existing route between Los Angeles and San Diego. The Ridecell Fleet Ops platform will ensure the Tesla fleet operates efficiently and will provide predictive analytics on car maintenance, location, charging needs and worker dispatch. Together, the two companies provide on-time, high-quality service for travelers.

“You don’t have to own a Tesla to experience one with Tesloop’s affordable, flexible, and convenient alternative to planes, trains and personal automobiles when traveling between regional cities,” said Haydn Sonnad, founder of Tesloop. “Customers can reserve their Tesla and enjoy the driving experience with Tesla’s autopilot feature and advanced entertainment system. Once they arrive, they can drop off the car without worrying about recharging or daily rental costs.

The Tesloop fleet consists of Tesla Model X, Model S and Model 3 cars equipped with the Autopilot feature for a safe and effortless driving experience. Customers submit a rental request online and once approved a Tesloop Concierge assists customers in completing the booking and provides the final rental itinerary.

Ridecell Fleet Ops manages fleet tasks, including scheduled and dynamic job creation for charging, maintenance, cleaning and dispatching the cars for pick-up. Teslas require less maintenance than fueled cars, but must be recharged at least twice a day. The Ridecell platform analyzes and predicts fleet charge and maintenance needs to ensure customers always have a clean and fully-charged car that is delivered at the right place, on-time.

Having predictive analytics on drive times, customer patterns, maintenance of the fleet and worker dispatch will help Tesloop maintain the same high-quality customer service even as it ramps up operations and adds more cars and support for more cities.

“The world is demanding better ways to move in economical and environmentally-sound ways that don’t sacrifice a quality experience,” said Aarjav Trivedi, CEO of Ridecell. “With Ridecell Fleet Ops we are able to automate fleet tasks and labor management, speeding the time it takes to service a vehicle from hours to minutes. We are happy to partner with companies like Tesloop to deliver mobility with exceptional, trusted and reliable vehicles that keep customers coming back.”

Tesloop rentals between Los Angeles and Las Vegas average $99 per one-way rental. If customers share the experience with colleagues or friends, the price can be as low as $20 per person. Tesloop is commencing operations on this route on December 1st. Customers can start reserving their trips as early as November 19th at booking.tesloop.com.

Ridecell Fleet Ops is available now for car sharing, ridehailing and corporate fleet customers. For more information, visit www.ridecell.com.

About Ridecell

Ridecell helps companies build and operate profitable shared mobility businesses. With the company’s High-yield Shared Mobility™ toolkit of intelligent software, business services, and ecosystem partners, Ridecell customers maximize three key profit drivers: customer experience; fleet utilization; and operational efficiency.

Founded in 2009, today Ridecell powers some of the most successful shared mobility services in cities across Europe and North America. These services include ZITY from Ferrovial and Groupe Renault, Gig Car Share from AAA, Blu Smart, and Karma Mobility Experiences from Karma Automotive.

Ridecell is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with more than 150 employees in offices across the globe.

About Tesloop

Launched in 2015, Tesloop is creating the next multi-billion dollar mobility business: a long distance regional transportation network, based on semi-autonomous electric vehicles.  The rapidly advancing electric car has opened up an unprecedented opportunity to create the leading network for travel between 100 – 250 miles, displacing legacy systems such as Amtrak, commuter flights, buses and gas cars with an extremely efficient and compelling consumer experience driven by advancements in EV technology and cost structure.

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