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Make your shared mobility business easier to manage, simpler to use, better positioned to thrive.

Until now, shared mobility hasn’t been easy. Vehicles are underutilized. On-boarding takes too long. Costs keep rising. It’s challenging to scale. And mobility platforms haven’t been flexible enough to let you experiment with different business models and vehicle types, or adapt to new market conditions.

Because shared mobility is critical to building a sustainable future, Ridecell has worked hard to remove the roadblocks. Automation ensures that vehicles are always ready and roadworthy. License and watch list background checks protect your brand and reduce risk. Real-time vehicle monitoring and analytics ensure that your fleet is safe and secure. And our flexible platform makes it possible to grow your business—however and whenever you want—to meet changing customer needs.

Let’s move the world better.

Increase the productivity and profitability of your fleet with the Ridecell Shared Mobility solution, which delivers a better service with greater flexibility.

Usage Models

Get the only platform built for growth

Expand your business into new markets with the only platform that allows you to offer a range of services in different currencies, in multiple countries, and with different operators.

Get the only platform built for growth

Create a superior customer experience

Simplify reservations and checkouts for your customers with an SDK and a data pipeline that integrate the mobility experience into your own website and back-office IT systems. Automate driver verification, background checks, credit checks, and payment processing to reduce risk.

Automate your operations

Work smarter, respond faster

Streamline operations with automated workflows for responding to alerts, scheduling repairs, and dispatching crews for servicing, sanitizing, and rebalancing. Take advantage of digital vehicle control to remotely lock, unlock, and immobilize vehicles if needed.

Make better informed decisions

Know more

Gain insights into customer driving behaviors and vehicle use to optimize vehicle location, utilization, rebalancing, servicing, and incentive pricing. Segment customers by usage patterns to craft tailored messages.

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Flexibility for your business, sustainability for our planet

If you’re looking for service flexibility, we’ve got it. The Ridecell Shared Mobility solution lets you run different usage models on a single fleet: station-based and free-floating; on-demand and scheduled; short-term or subscription. You can also choose to offer rentals by the minute, hour, day, or even longer, with multi-day and multi-week rental options and recurring monthly billing.

All of this flexibility is with sustainability firmly in mind. With Ridecell, you can offer a range of options—from micromobility to carsharing — with support for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Since 2017, GIG has worked to make a positive impact on the communities we serve by adapting to meet the needs of our members from a social, environmental, and technological standpoint. Thanks to our partnership with Ridecell, we were able to power the nation’s largest all-electric car-share fleet, connecting GIG members to EV charging and civic infrastructure.

Jason Haight, President, GIG Car Share

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