Ready to shape the future of transportation? Ridecell will help you define a carsharing offering that leverages your unique strengths—whether it’s a dealer network, a global brand, or built-in vehicle telematics—and accelerates your entry into the service market.

Equipped with advanced machine-learning and end-to-end automation, the Ridecell platform manages the operational details of running a carsharing business. Define service rules. Onboard and manage customers, suppliers, and staff. Gain insights into fleet utilization and operational efficiencies. Each feature of the Ridecell platform has been perfected based on our real-world experience with leading carsharing networks such as ReachNow, a mobility service from the BMW Group.

Start with carsharing today, expand your offerings as you go, and prepare your business for the self-driving future.
Key Features
End-to-end Operations
The Ridecell platform automates the tasks associated with running a carsharing system: customer onboarding, on-demand scheduling, fleet allocation, vehicle maintenance requirements—even pricing, payments, and promotions.
Fleet and Service Information
Take advantage of real-time information—such as vehicle monitoring, proactive alerts, service area management, ticket management, and vehicle damage report management—to optimize fleet management according to your own unique KPIs.
White-label Driver App
Put your own branded app into the hands of your customers. The Ridecell app steps them through signup and verifies their identity and driving record, so they’ll be set to start using your service within minutes.
Scheduled Rentals
Your customers like the freedom to plan ahead. With scheduled rentals you have the option to have the vehicle delivered with a valet or picked up at a dedicated station.
Payment Handling
From normal usage fees, to special invoices for damage and other events, Ridecell has thought of and can handle all billing needs associated with running a car sharing network.
Powerful Analytics
Real-time analytics provide valuable insights into fleet utilization and customer patterns, while advanced demand-supply balancing algorithms enable you to drive efficiencies, allocate vehicles, and satisfy demanding consumers.
As your carsharing business grows, you can easily integrate car rental or ridesharing offerings into the same solution—improving the utilization of a single fleet and delivering greater customer value.
Automotive OEMs
With self-driving services right around the corner, it’s time to think about going direct to consumers. Ridecell works with car companies, including BMW and VW/ŠKODA, to define profitable solutions that will position them for the autonomous revolution. Using Ridecell and your lineup of vehicles, you can offer your own combination of ridesharing, car rentals, and free-floating or station-based carsharing services.
New Mobility Providers
How will autonomous vehicles impact businesses, such as auto clubs and insurance companies, that depend on private car ownership? The new mobility landscape provides ample opportunities for new ventures—and Ridecell can help you get started. For example, Ridecell works with AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah to offer GIG Car Share, a one-way carsharing service using vehicles equipped with bike racks.
Dealer Groups
You already have the vehicles and the service department. You’re an expert in the local market. With the Ridecell platform, you can put those assets to work in your own carsharing business. Dealers are also relying on Ridecell to provide scheduled test rides (no salesperson needed) and to offer loaner cars for service customers using idle pre-owned vehicles.
Rental Agencies
Ready to modernize the car rental experience? With Ridecell, you can extend your service offerings and join the on-demand economy. For example, you might add a free-floating fleet that allows one-way drives within urban areas. Or for airport rentals, your customers could use an app to have a car delivered right to their arrival door.
How it Works
Learn more about how Ridecell can help your company launch and operate a premium carsharing service.

Download Carsharing PDF
Download Carsharing PDF