Reimagining the Rental Experience for Fleet Management Companies

July 5th, 2023 | by Mark Thomas, EVP of Marketing and Alliances | Posted in: Insight on Things

Fleet management companies (FMCs) manage a lot. From suppliers and vehicles to fleet processes, maintenance schedules and data deciphering, having complete oversight into everything that impacts fleet operations, especially when it comes to vehicle rentals, is the first stop on the road to success.

Renting a vehicle without visiting a rental counter counter

Here we check out three ways FMCs can use technology to simplify rental operations to enhance current operations by improving customer service, enhancing productivity and increasing revenue.

Providing a full counterless rental experience

By utilizing a digital rental solution that integrates with your current systems, critical steps in the rental process such as vehicle reservations, inspections, operations, and turn-ins become easier, working together with the legacy technology you’ve been using to successfully power your business for years. On top of easy integration, FMCs experience a host of additional benefits by providing a counterless rental experience:

  • Grow rental revenue and expand customer service offerings through the power of automation
  • Broaden vehicle pick-up and drop-off locations to increase convenience for renters
  • Increase visibility and efficiency of current rental operations
  • Improve vehicle utilization and optimize B2B rental management processes

Increasing vehicle access through on-demand rentals

The world is always “on”. With many stores and businesses operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, convenience becomes king when it comes to service. By offering a 24/7 counterless rental experience, FMCs put the power in their customers’ hands, allowing them to rent and access vehicles anytime, anywhere.

Through the use of a customizable mobile app that integrates directly with current rental solutions, users are provided with a digitized and streamlined experience while back-office processes such as driver verification, inspections and vehicle returns become automated through rule-based triggers. The digitization of rental operations can truly change the landscape for FMCs by creating new revenue channels, increasing customer service and reallocating resources to more critical tasks – all of which save time, money and stress.

Insight into complete fleet oversight

When it comes to reimagining what rental operations could look like for FMCs, one topic remains mission critical – oversight. To increase revenue, productivity and customer service, fleet administrators must have complete transparency and control over operations which includes everything from driver and vehicle onboarding to vehicle usage, reporting and maintenance.

Gaining valuable fleet insights

By having access to and utilizing intelligent data, rental operations get smarter, smoother, and more seamless. And with more people focusing on how to improve the environment, more fleet-based businesses are looking to implement electric vehicles (EVs) into their fleets to provide renters with the ability to request specific vehicles that help move corporate sustainability goals forward.

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Mark Thomas, EVP of Alliances and Marketing, Ridecell

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