ReachNow and Ridecell Partner to Redefine Urban Mobility

June 28th, 2019 | by Karolina Chachulska, Market Growth Manager | Posted in: Insight on Things

ReachNow Multiservice App

To drive or not to drive? This is the question ReachNow mobility services from BMW Group and Daimler AG, wants its service members to answer when they open up their car-sharing/ride-sharing app to book a ride from Seattle, WA or Portland, OR.

Once a car-sharing service only — you sat behind the wheel — ReachNow powered  by Ridecell, offers now a ride-sharing service –you sit back and enjoy the ride — making it the first shared mobility app to offer this bi-modal solution.

On the forefront of the innovative trends taking place in their industry, BMW and Daimler understand that consumers are increasingly assessing their transportation needs based on the type of trip –urban or off-road, corporate or personal, alone or with friends etc.– rather than solely car ownership.

The BMW Daimler joint-venture illustrates commitment to trip-based transportation with both companies agreeing  to merge their mobility operations and invest €1 billion to deliver premium shared mobility experiences.

As a Ridecell market growth manager responsible for ReachNow, I was excited to be part of the company’s effort to break many of the existing car-sharing paradigms.

Challenging the more rigid car rental and car-sharing models, ReachNow put flexibility and convenience at the core of its offerings.

A unique bi-modal service available from one app, a wide range of premium BMW models, dynamic pricing, start-and-stop options and the ability to park anywhere are just a few examples of the innovations that define their service and take it to the next level.

Multiservice mobility platformWhile members enjoy more freedom, cities benefit from reduced urban congestion and parking footprint and become natural partners. Ridecell and ReachNow are working together with local governments to encourage a strong multi-modal transportation system and reduce traffic in cities.

For instance, ReachNow offers discounts to members who choose to combine ReachNow rides to public transit. Also, earlier this year, during Seattle’s Alaska Viaduct Shutdown, ReachNow members who started or ended their trip around designated transit centers received credits towards transit fares.

There is no doubt the transportation industry, one of the most stable sectors since the industrial revolution, is undergoing a technological shift and a shift in thinking. Once focused around ownership and infrastructures, the new mobility era is putting users at its center.

As part of the Ridecell ReachNow team, it is exciting to witness how cities, tech firms and the biggest automotive OEMs in the world are leading the way for more efficient, flexible and sustainable travels.

Author: Karolina Chachulska, Market Growth Manager, Ridecell

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