Podcast: “The Impact of Innovation”

February 7th, 2023 | by Stacey Papp, Director, Content | Posted in: In The News, Insight on Things, News Coverage

The Mile Marker podcast welcomes Mir Baqar, Ridecell’s Senior Director of Product Management to talk about the impact of innovation in the mobility industry, how Ridecell stays at the forefront of fast-moving trends and the importance of how solving today’s challenges leads to the successes of tomorrow using fleet automation.

Key insights and learnings from this episode:

  • Ridecell’s unique approach to innovation and product solutions
  • How Ridecell stays ahead of the curve when it comes to the emerging and evolving trends in the mobility industry
  • The importance of finding the intersection between a customer’s challenge and the optimal solution
  • The consequences companies without an innovative spirit experience, especially in times of change
  • A unique look into some customer-specific success stories where innovation drove drastic and needed change
  • What the world of innovation will look like in the next five years and how Ridecell plays a part in the evolution of mobility

Listen to the full episode below or click here to select your favorite podcast platform.

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