Podcast: “Making Dollars and Sense of Investing in Mobility”

February 21st, 2023 | by Stacey Papp, Director, Content | Posted in: In The News, Insight on Things, News Coverage

The Mile Marker podcast welcomes Shiva Kumar, Managing Director and Head of Mobility Technology Investment Banking at Piper Sandler to talk about the financial side of the mobility industry and how investing in the right solution at the right time can keep fleet-based businesses moving forward with happy customers and a healthy bottom line.

Key insights and learnings from this episode:

  • Insights into the current state of the mobility industry and how it is evolving to accommodate a shift in traditional transportation
  • Industry trends that are here to stay and those that have a more short-term outlook
  • Where fleet-based businesses can invest their money to ensure increased productivity and profitability
  • The impact automation solutions have on fleet-based businesses when it comes to overall fleet operations

Listen to the full episode below or click here to select your favorite podcast platform.

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