Join us at IAA in Frankfurt Sept 10-15. Please drop by our booth C33, Hall 5.

September 3rd, 2019 | by Haley Burns, Product Manager, Carsharing | Posted in: Insight on Things

Ridecell at IAA 2019

Industry leaders from around the globe will gather in Frankfurt next week at the IAA conference to discuss and shape the future mobility. Members of the Ridecell NA-based leadership team will be joining our EMEA-based colleagues to meet with customers and peers to discuss the latest Shared Mobility innovations.

We are planning a big splash at IAA in Frankfurt Sept 12-15. Please drop by our booth C33, Hall 5 or find us at the Denso booth C09, Hall 9.

Ridecell at IAA

In addition to new product announcements, we’ll be demoing advances in our Ridecell High-Yield Shared Mobility platform, unlocking a path to profitability for both our carsharing and ridesharing customers in Europe, India and North America. 

Highlights include:

“Instant Rental”: Maximize fleet availability and improve customer experience

The” instant rental” feature true to its name allows Carsharing service members, to instantly book a car when they are standing in front of the vehicle and are ready to roll.

Instant Rental by Ridecell

The streamlined booking and payment feature bypasses the longer process for standard rentals, allowing customers spontaneous and easy access to cars. For operators, this feature maximizes utilization rates by eliminating the standard unpaid reservation grace period of 30 minutes. By adding the instant rental feature, Ridecell gives operators the flexibility to attract and cater to members personal transportation needs:

  1. Members who want the predictability of scheduled rentals, and book in advance
  2. Members who spontaneously book vehicles but need the reservation grace period before starting the ride
  3. Members who are on-the-go and determine at the last minute they want to drive a car nearby.

Operators looking to maximize short term rental utilization and revenue have implemented the instant rental feature and successfully increased instant rentals by 50% and reduced unpaid reservations at the same time. 

Promotional Pre-paid Packages”  Attract and retain customers

Building membership and repeat ridership is a critical part of any carsharing service. Ridecell invests equally in both the marketing and fleet management capabilities of the Ridecell platform. Allowing members to purchase pre-paid packages at a discount is a proven way to increase user usage and loyalty. Using the promo code feature in the app, operators offer promotional pre-paid packages for purchase when members book a vehicle.  

Operators saw immediate revenue increase and repeat car rental use as soon as they turned on this feature. 

Promotional Pre-paid Packages on Ridecell platform

 A Stellar Carsharing App experience

Operators rely on an excellent subscriber app to ensure a high-quality shared mobility service customer experience. As part of the Ridecell platform, operators customize a white-label app for their subscribers.

Zity powered by Ridecell




Since launch in 2017, the Ridecell Android app team has steadily built feature improves into the app and even though subscribers consistently give the app a +4 rating critical, the Ridecell product team is continually looking for ways to improve overall service subscribers’ experience including support for multiple payment types, enhanced price packages, and location-based services.

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Author: Haley Burns, Product Manager, Carsharing

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