Fleet management software that operates fleets with the highest level of efficiency

of tickets are rebalancing, fueling and cleaning

Increase in jobs completed per field specialist

Decrease in labor costs

Ridecell Fleet Ops

A shared fleet software solution you can bank on

Ridecell understands the shared fleet business model and the path to profitability depends on a fleet that is always on the move. Growth is a good thing, but keeping a high demand fleet in peak condition is labor and cost-intensive, as operators are quickly learning. This is why we built Ridecell Fleet Ops, to automate and optimize fleet operations and workforce management of shared fleets.

Compatible with any shared fleet platform, using Ridecell Fleet Ops has proven to reduce operations costs, increase field services efficiency, and improve vehicle uptime — all while controlling costs and positively impacting the bottom line.

Automate workflows to keep shared fleets in peak condition

Already in use by leading shared mobility and fleet operations companies, Ridecell Fleet Ops offers these advanced features:

Vehicle and customer generated jobs

Vehicle and customer-generated jobs

Scheduled job creation for predictive cleaning and maintenance
Algorithms identify maintenance and cleaning jobs based on vehicle usage.

Dynamic job creation based on real-time vehicle data and customer feedback
Real-time scans of vehicle information (e.g., fuel level and vehicle warning messages) and customer reports (e.g., damage and cleanliness) identify and generate unplanned jobs.

Field Specialist assessments trigger jobs
Field Specialist reports while servicing vehicles can generate jobs for newly discovered issues.

Smart Dispatch


Automated job assignment and dispatch system
Business rules automatically generate a job list optimized for time and distance, based on job priority, location, category, field specialist skill and availability. The list is continuously updated based on real-time status and new job priorities.

Opportunistic rescheduling of future jobs
Future scheduled jobs can be rescheduled to a time when field specialists are dispatched to nearby jobs.

Field Specialist app for greater productivity
Easy-to-use app lets crews manage their availability status, receive navigation guidance, review job task lists, complete work orders and communicate with dispatch and other field specialists.

Intelligent Workforce Management

Intelligent workforce management

Data modeling for optimal field crew sizing
Service managers can effectively manage and plan crew size weeks for in advance, with predictive analytics based on scheduled job requirements, SLAs, and crew capabilities.

Insights for improved field crew management
Automated job generation and visibility into productivity gives service managers the time and data needed to oversee and coach their field crew.

Boost the efficiency of any shared fleet

Shared fleet services and field service operators implement Ridecell Fleet Ops as their technology solution to service all their customers’ mobility fleets, regardless of shared mobility platform. Using API integration, Ridecell Fleet Ops can be fully and securely customized to address specific shared mobility service needs.

Enable existing shared fleets to trigger their own service actions
Plugs into existing vehicle telematics and third-party shared mobility platforms to trigger new jobs

Integrate with any shared mobility platform for service-related actions
Fleet service jobs are automatically reflected in the mobility platform as a service block and as service-ready when the work is completed.

Flexibly accommodates proprietary processes
Securely supports proprietary fleet operations intellectual property.

Analytics and automation up-level shared fleet operations’ team productivity, providing a path to profitability

The Ridecell Fleet Ops offers clear advantages to help keep vehicles moving and make the numbers work — making it the best choice to achieve shared fleet profitability.


Gives you a complete view
Ridecell Fleet Ops ‘one view’ intelligent operations center maps human insight from the field specialist team with automated fleet management job generation and dispatch to ensure jobs, location, capability and prioritization are aligned to get the work done in the least amount of time.


Adapts on the fly

Adapts on the fly
Intelligent automation is a defining feature of the Ridecell Fleet Ops. It delivers predictions and recommendations based on proven and continuously improving machine learning models applied across thousands of vehicles and millions of rides.


Delivers more with less

Delivers more with less
Ridecell Fleet Ops supports outcome based service business models. It positively impacts labor costs, worker productivity, fleet utilization, revenue and customer satisfaction — providing a clear path to profitability.


In-house or service provider ops

In-house or service provider ops
Ridecell Fleet Ops integrates with and supports Ridecell and any other shared mobility platform. It can be deployed as an in-house solution or used to modernize existing fleet service capabilities to deliver the efficient, outcome-based solution Shared Mobility fleets need today and in the future

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