The vehicle monitoring and management platform that automates fleet operations

Integrate multiple sources of fleet data

Automate business rules with data triggers

Digitize unlocking and immobilizing vehicles

Data driven mobility

Fleet analysis and operations automation

The Ridecell fleet management platform provides a new approach to managing your fleet operations. First, keyless access simultaneously removes the problem of missing keys while adding the capability of controlling vehicle access. Second, the platform uses vehicle and driver data to trigger automated business rules. These automated actions can grant or remove vehicle access, and order maintenance. With unified fleet data and automated business triggers, the platform gives your transportation team the tools to increase fleet uptime, ensure safety, and ultimately offer fast deliveries at an overall reduced cost.

All your fleet data in one place

The Ridecell platform consolidates and normalizes data from multiple sources. The platform takes in vehicle status, driver activity, geographic location and maintenance records. Once the data is in our system it can be used to trigger fleet actions from within the console or be integrated for use with in-house IT systems using the Ridecell real-time data platform.

Triggers and fleet task automation

Having a unified source for all your fleet information doesn’t do much good if you still need to manually review and manually resolve issues. Using the fleet platform, you’re able to define business rules that are triggered by the real time fleet data and automate the appropriate response. The job dispatch engine, combined with the ability to control maintenance access to the vehicle, is a powerful combination that surpasses legacy fleet management systems.

The Data, Analysis and Automation Cycle


Rich data set

An event occurs. It could be many things. In this case let’s say a DTC code is issued for low tire pressure.


Analytics + analysis

The DTC code is analyzed and applied against business rules for low tire pressure. For example, the vehicle can be taken out of active duty and maintenance can be scheduled.


Prediction and decision engines

Automated Action
Once the appropriate business rules are applied, actions are automated. A fleet worker can be assigned and notified automatically and the vehicle is removed from the available pool as soon as it is not in active use.



Real-time application

Real-time application
Each automated action can connect with other events in a workflow. In this example a service worker is granted temporary access to repair the vehicle, while pausing further driver access.

Automated Safety, Security and Compliance

By reading vehicle information from ELD devices and telematics-based driver behavior management systems, the fleet platform is able to ensure fleets remain in compliance. The platform can be configured to automatically immobilize stolen/unsafe vehicles remotely as well as revoke vehicle access from drivers.

Vehicle Control

The platform allocates digital keys to drivers and maintenance workers that grants vehicle access and permission to start the engine. Drivers interact with the vehicle using their smartphone and Bluetooth or with an NFC tag.

Secure and private

The Ridecell platform is built to meet the most demanding security needs of connected mobility applications. It supports GDPR and CCPA compliant frameworks, with configurable privacy preference options and user data rights management. The platform is SOC compliant and integrates with Transaction Risk Management Systems (TRMS) and Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards.


The Ridecell fleet platform was designed to be modified and enhanced by fleet owner IT departments. Mobile apps used by drivers, fleet operators, and maintenance teams can be upgraded to add new features and functionality with the Ridecell SDK. Need to allow your app to include locking and unlocking a vehicle? There’s an API for that. Deep IT system to system integration is also possible using Ridecell APIs as well as the data platform. For consumer shared fleets, CRM systems can be linked with the platform and personalized customer messages can be triggered by a customer review for instance. Maintenance personnel can use the Ridecell app to manage their fleet ops activity or can have the automated dispatch notifications sent into the system they are using today.

A suite of solutions to optimize the fleets of today – and tomorrow.

Short-term Offerings

Create short-term programs for customers not ready to commit to a vehicle purchase or long-term lease.

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Innovate with free-floating or station-based services. Add advanced features, including scheduled rentals.

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Make your fleet more productive with the addition of ridesharing and ride pooling services.

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Fleet Ops

Run shared fleets with the highest level of operations efficiency.

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