Level 4 autonomous vehicles solutions—built for the real world

L4 autonomous vehicles

Useful L4 applications prior to robotaxi


Pre-integrated with the Ridecell platform

Autonomous Operations

Available for commercial real-world deployments

Auro Autonomous Driving Division

Empty Vehicle Autonomous Vehicle Technology—for Shared Mobility and Commercial Fleets

In a carsharing or commercial fleet business, vehicles are frequently parked in low demand locations or are unavailable for use as workers are either unavailable to relocate them to high-demand locations or to take them for routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning, fueling, and non-critical maintenance.

Technology developed by Auro, autonomously moves such ‘empty’ vehicles to high demand locations and maintenance depots, ensuring a lower vehicle downtime and a significant increase in revenue for fleet operators.

Building L4 autonomy for near-term real-world applications

By focusing on ‘Empty Vehicle Automation’ use cases, we are able to optimize our systems for low-speed operations, non-peak hours, and select routes, avoiding heavy intersections and complex road conditions. Because of these advantages, autonomy solutions being developed by Auro can be deployed for real-world applications much sooner than L4 autonomous robotaxis.


Rebalance fleets

Rebalance carsharing fleets to high-demand locations
Reposition cars from low-demand zones to high-demand zones, increasing fleet utilization by up to 100%.


Doorstep delivery

Offer doorstep delivery of rental cars
Unlock new use cases and revenue streams by bringing the convenience of Uber and Lyft to carsharing by enabling doorstep delivery.


Autodispatch for cleaning

Dispatch vehicles for cleaning and fueling operations
Reduce fleet downtime and put vehicles back on the road by autonomously dispatching vehicles to service centers for non-critical maintenance tasks.


short-haul logistics

Automate driving for B2B short-haul logistics
Enable autonomous deliveries between warehouses and local (fixed) stores, saving human dependency and cost.

Level 4 Autonomy built for Empty Vehicle Logistics

Learn how Auro is developing technology to put autonomous to use today

Deep expertise and IP in Autonomous Driving Technology


Auro Ford Fusion

Compact sensor suite built for shared mobility fleets
Our sensor suite is designed to address the operational challenges of shared mobility fleets such as vandalism and the need for frequent maintenance.


Level4 autonomy

Full-stack L4 system
Our full-stack AV system includes both the required software and hardware that can be deployed by fleets as a turn-key solution.


High Accuracy 3D Mapping

A learning-based framework that scales up exponentially
Fueled by an ever-growing scenario database, naturalistic human driving data, and proprietary scenario description language, Auro is leveraging Deep Learning in modules such as our Prediction System and Behavior Planner for fast learning.


Shared access to vehicle data

Access to Scenario Database
Leveraging our partner ecosystem, we continue to build one of the largest databases of scenarios collected from real-world road miles, which offers an unparalleled advantage in training and testing Deep Learning algorithms.


Rich prior experience of shipping commercial AVs
From deploying one of the first commercial autonomous ridehailing services at Santa Clara University to partnering with an automotive regulatory body, Auro has rich prior experience of deploying real-world autonomous solutions.


Fixed and on-demand routing

Integration with the Ridecell mobility platform
Leverage multiple mobility models for your autonomous service, including on-demand, fixed-route navigation and pooling.

End-to-end autonomous mobility solution available today

Running a successful autonomous mobility service takes much more than just autonomous vehicles.

While Auro provides the much-needed autonomous vehicle technology, the Ridecell High-yield Shared Mobility SaaS platform and Fleet Operations engine automate your fleet operations seamlessly and efficiently.

Auro autonomous vehicles come pre-integrated with the Ridecell mobility solutions offerings. This close integration enables the Auro Empty Vehicle Automation technology to be quickly optimized for new end-user use cases and streamlined for fleet operations.

Whether you’re just starting to think about your autonomous strategy or already developing self-driving vehicles, learn how partnering with Ridecell can accelerate your initiative.

Autonomous fleet management

A suite of solutions to optimize the fleets of today – and tomorrow.

Short-term Offerings

Create short-term programs for customers not ready to commit to a vehicle purchase or long-term lease.

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Innovate with free-floating or station-based services. Add advanced features, including scheduled rentals.

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Make your fleet more productive with the addition of ridesharing and ride pooling services.

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Fleet Ops

Run shared fleets with the highest level of operations efficiency.

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