Level 4 autonomy—built for the real world

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Low-speed, first and last-mile use cases


Pre-integrated with the Ridecell platform

Autonomous Operations

Commercial real-world deployments

Auro Autonomous Driving Division

Make autonomous mobility a reality

Our goal is to bring the benefits of autonomous mobility to reality faster. We enable low-speed, self-driving, first and last-mile use cases to solve the real-world problems of today, such as mobility for elderly people, last-mile connectivity from transit stations and night-time safe rides for university students. With successful autonomous deployments and a rapidly evolving technology stack, we’ve transported thousands of people safely since 2016.

Bring the freedom of autonomous mobility to your business

Auro self-driving technology focuses on filling the need for passenger vehicles in real-world environments, including campuses, residential communities, corporate parks, and downtown and smart-city corridors so you can deliver innovative experiences while minimizing operating costs.


Corporate parks and university campuses

Corporate parks and college campuses
Enhance student, employee, staff and guest experiences by providing a dynamic fleet without adding drivers.


Residential and retirement communities

Residential and retirement communities
Empower elderly and low-mobility residents with reliable, accessible mobility options.


Smart Cities and Transit

Smart cities and transit
Greatly reduce travel time by providing low-speed, first and last-mile transportation solutions.


Delivery and Logistics

Delivery and logistics
Lower costs and increase time efficiencies of last mile deliveries.

Carsharing applications of Auro autonomous vehicle technology


Move vehicles at night to high-demand locations


Send cars to service centers for maintenance


Have cars valet themselves to carsharing customers

Autonomous Fleet Rebalancing

Solve real-world problems with self-driving technology


Auro Ford Fusion

Multiple vehicle models
Move into the driverless vehicle era with a ready-to-use software platform and a variety of vehicle platforms—sedans, mini-vans and shuttles.


Level4 autonomy

Full-stack L4 self-driving software
Serve passengers with our L4 autonomous vehicles without any human involvement in a defined operational domain.


High Accuracy 3D Mapping

High-accuracy 3D map based navigation
Create high resolution 3D maps with laser and camera imagery to enable vehicles to navigate through tight spaces and areas without GPS coverage.


Shared access to vehicle data

Shared access to vehicle data
Learn and grow with securely shared sensor data, real-time statistics, operations insights and R&D tools.


25-35 mph top speed

Low-speed (up to 35mph), geo-fenced operations
Perfect for campus or community applications.


Fixed and on-demand routing

Integration with the Ridecell mobility platform
Leverage multiple mobility models for your autonomous service, including on-demand, fixed-route navigation and pooling.

End-to-end autonomous mobility solution available today

Running a successful autonomous mobility service takes more than just autonomous vehicles.

While Auro self-driving technology provides the much-needed autonomous vehicle technology, the Ridecell autonomous operations platform is designed to automate vehicle and operations management for autonomous fleets. The platform gives autonomous vehicle fleets the intelligence to manage their own cleaning and maintenance – in both routine and emergency situations. Additionally, the scheduling, dispatch and pooling of rides is fully automated, minimizing man hours required to manage your fleet thereby enabling an end-to-end autonomous mobility solution.

Whether you’re just starting to think about your autonomous strategy or already developing self-driving vehicles, learn how partnering with Ridecell can accelerate your initiative.

Autonomous fleet management

Interested in the full experience including the apps and back end to power your autonomous mobility service?

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