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The all-inclusive package for your two-wheel service

With the flexibility to get around in the city, shared bikes and scooters are on the rise – and you can be part of it. Launch your own fleet of e-bikes and scooters on the Ridecell platform and profit from our years of experience in powering new mobility services. We help you set up, launch and grow your very own two-wheel fleet that is exactly fitted to the needs of your customers.

Ridecell not only offers a straightforward app to ride the bikes and scooters, we also provide you with a comprehensive operations management platform to run your business, and an app for your maintenance workers, so your bikes and scooters are always ready to go.

Everything on one platform

The Ridecell mobility platform includes both a mobile app for your customers and an operations system for your team.

Rider app

One app, multiple options
Bike or scooter? Riders can choose whatever suits them best within the same app.

Comprehensive information
A dynamic map allows riders to find the nearest bike or scooter. The app informs about the charging status, provides ride details and highlights the designated parking areas.

Scan a code, unlock a bike
The rider simply scans a QR code on the bike or scooter to unlock it and start the ride.

Your brand
Make the app your own by tailoring the rider app experience to the look and feel of your brand.

Operations system

One system, multiple functions
Different teams – from customer support to fleet management to marketing (and even third-party suppliers) – can get access and manage their work on the same portal.

Real-time analytics
Valuable data insights about fleet utilization and customer patterns enable you to improve efficiency, reallocate bikes for higher utilization, and satisfy customer demand.

Fleet operations and optimization
Thanks to features like vehicle monitoring, service area management and damage reports you can optimize your fleet management according to your unique KPIs.

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