Manage your fleet services business – paving the way to profitability

Each car in fleet averages 10 service tickets per month

75% of tickets are rebalancing, fueling and cleaning

Maintenance, repair and cleaning is a $22 billion revenue opportunity

(Frost and Sullivan)

Fleet Services

Managing a shared fleet should be more than manageable

The automotive industry is undergoing a massive transformation. With growing Shared Mobility service options, consumer preference is shifting away from vehicle ownership. This trend creates new opportunities, but also new challenges.

To date, Shared Mobility platforms focused on deploying carsharing, ride-hailing, and micromobility services. Building on these platforms, operators, riding a wave of market demand, expanded their fleets. Business growth brings new challenges, in particular, the complexity of cost-effectively maintenance operations of a free-floating, on-demand, or scheduled fleet.

By design, free-floating vehicles do not return to a depot for fueling, cleaning, and maintenance. Instead, fleet operations dispatchers spend hours in front of screens and spreadsheets, balancing fluctuating vehicle demand with service priorities to create work orders for their field crews.

Most carsharing and ride-hailing Shared Mobility platforms have not prioritized fleet operations management tools as part of their solution. As a result, operators are forced to use a patchwork of labor-intensive tools from a previous fleet management era, to contend with a growing list of service operations complexities including:

  • Managing scheduling and servicing during off-peak hours
  • Incorporating unforeseen job priorities such as lost and found items
  • Calibrating varying levels of service staff skill and productivity

Three fleet servicing tasks alone: rebalancing, charging and cleaning, account for 75% of the tickets raised. It’s clear that without an optimized Shared Fleet operations solution, the challenge of minimizing operations cost to service these jobs while maximizing vehicle uptime is real. And the long-term viability of shared fleet service is at risk.

Designed to scale at the pace of change

To scale efficiently, the fleets of today and tomorrow need a purpose-built, automated system that delivers all of the following:

End to end technology

Vehicle management

Access vehicle acquisition information, location history, vital stats, and vehicle damage reports.

Multiservice capabilities

Job management

Customize job templates and create and automate one-time, recurring and scheduling business models — in just a few clicks.

Workforce management

Workforce management

Optimize schedule, dispatch and incentivize employees, and keep in touch through reminders, alerts and messaging.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance management

Use predictive and scheduled maintenance models, access service history, and manage invoices.

Data and Reporting

Data and reporting

Access dashboards to track a variety of metrics, measure KPIs, and enhance decision-making.

Development Tools

Development tools

Integrate with partners with APIs and documentation available online.

The path to profitability

While car ownership is not expected to disappear any time soon, fleet sales continue to grow even as private sales fall off. As the automotive landscape shifts to shared mobility, profitability is not a guarantee. Servicing fleets will be a significant factor — and big business.

But it can’t be approached the same old way.

The business impact is immediate for Shared Mobility providers that deploy the Ridecell shared fleet operations solution. Tuned specifically for shared fleets’ field operations, Ridecell Fleet Ops automates workflow to keep shared fleets operating at peak performance. With optimized job scheduling and routing, more vehicles are serviced with a smaller team.

Regardless of your shared mobility platform, when you deploy Ridecell Fleet Ops, you’ll reduce operations costs, increase field services efficiency, and improve vehicle uptime to control costs and improve your bottom line.

A suite of solutions to optimize the fleets of today – and tomorrow.

Short-term Offerings

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Fleet Ops

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Set your fleet operations onto the right path