Profit from change. Turn industry disruption into new revenue.

Reach more customers with solutions proven to attract new business and increase profitability.

The Ridecell Fleet Automation and Mobility platform turns your vehicle inventory into new revenue-generating services—without adding staff.

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Shared Mobility Services

Reach new customers with hourly rentals on your sales sheet.

Flexible alternatives to traditional leases

Subscription and Rental Services

Offer flexible alternatives to traditional vehicle leases.

Automate your workflows

Automated Operations

Simplify workflows and add mobility services to your existing IT systems.

Expand your customer base

Join the app economy to reach drivers opting for vehicle usership over ownership. With the Ridecell Shared Mobility solution, you can run hourly rental services on a single platform, including station-based, on-demand, and scheduled rentals.

Enable completely digital on-boarding, checkouts, and returns through a brandable app or web portal. And with automated workflows for driver verification, background checks, billing, and payment processing—as well as vehicle maintenance and servicing—Ridecell makes it easy to reach more customers and add new revenue streams without increasing staff workloads.

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Offer subscriptions and short-term rentals

Looking to offset shrinking F&I margins and service department revenue? The Ridecell Rental solution lets you offer customers the ease, flexibility, and convenience of subscription services. Drivers can activate, communicate, and tailor their vehicle and service options on a month-to-month basis through a customizable app or web portal. And you can easily track and charge for mileage, incentivize good driver behavior, and automate pricing, maintenance, and recurring monthly billing.

And for drivers looking to try before they buy, Ridecell Rental lets you offer self-serve test drives and “counter-less” short-term rentals with automated workflows for driver on-boarding, payment processing, vehicle monitoring, and servicing.

Learn more about the Ridecell Rental solution.

Automate your operations

With Ridecell solutions, there’s no need to “rip and replace” the systems you already have. Our SDK and data pipeline integrate with your existing website, back-office IT systems, and connected vehicles to automate workflows—from on-boarding drivers and processing payments, to deciphering alerts and vehicle fault codes, to prioritizing service orders and scheduling repair and maintenance.

And integrating your systems with Ridecell-powered OEM mobility services means you can serve as the hub for OEM DTC fulfillment, station-based rentals, EV charging, and automated SMR.

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Learn more about how automation and mobility solutions built on the Fleet Transformation Cloud can turn your vehicle inventory into new revenue-generating services.

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