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Better. Simpler. Greener.

Make your motorpool simpler to manage, easier to use, and better for the environment.

Keeping a corporate fleet running smoothly is no easy task. Remote lock boxes. Lost keys. Misplaced vehicles. Unauthorized use. The list goes on. And new mandates to make fleets more sustainable with EVs add another level of management challenges.

Ridecell makes it easy to reduce costs and meet sustainability goals while upgrading your motorpool fleet with a modern carshare experience. Digital keys eliminate the hassles and costs of physical keys. Online reservations—as well as on-demand—makes using a vehicle simple. And with visibility into vehicle status and driver behavior, you can keep your fleet safe, secure, and operating at peak efficiency.

Move beyond business as usual.

The Ridecell Fleet Share solution delivers better user experiences and increases the productivity, security, and sustainability of your fleet.

Speed up checkouts

Make checkouts easy

Replace physical keys with digital keys using a mobile app, employee badges, or dedicated NFC access cards. Offer employees the flexibility of scheduled or “tap-and-go” checkouts with an app and a web-based reservation portal.

Automate your operations

Automate operations

Keep your fleet in top condition with fully automated operations. Decipher check engine lights, prioritize service orders, and schedule repairs and maintenance.

Keep tabs on your fleet

Keep tabs on your fleet

Get real-time visibility into drivers, vehicle location, and vehicle status to ensure that vehicles are where they need to be and are returned on time.

Keep tabs on your fleet

Take remote control

Grant and revoke access to vehicles and even remotely lock and unlock them if needed. Dramatically decrease the recovery times of stolen vehicles with GPS tracking.

Know more

Know more

Get the insights needed to right-size your fleet and optimize vehicle lifecycle management. Custom reports include vehicle utilization, historical trip data, service records, department use, and miles driven.

Make reservations smarter.

Ensure drivers are authorized and departments are billed with a reservation system that automates approvals and chargebacks and increases the usage of underutilized vehicles.


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