Ridecell Fixed Route

Fixed routes are expensive and complicated to operate. Ridecell's suite of products pair real time analytics with best of class admin interfaces to provide you with insights into your riders and routes to reveal hidden efficiencies and cost savings. Our fixed route products integrate seamlessly with our Demand Response tools to minimize your cost-per-passenger while improving wait times and service for your riders.
Key Features
Powerful Analytics
Automated, error-free data entry allows us to provide you with powerful insights about your riders, drivers and routes while suggesting optimizations to improve ridership and fleet efficiency.
Rider Apps
The tools you offer to your riders are a key component of a modern transport service. Ridecell's easy to use rider tools provide riders with bus location and ETA information over the web, mobile app, text or phone.
Delay Alerts
Unlike other GPS tracking software, Ridecell can actually notify riders about the impending delay of a bus by pro-actively calling, texting or emailing them before the bus arrives at a stop.
GPS Replays
Ridecell equips buses with tablets which can be customized and moved between vehicles with ease. Tablets show route information to drivers and lets them enter the number of riders entering and exiting the bus.
Try it live
Click the Green route and see a list and map view for tracking the bus.
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